Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1041

Fabian and Hannah exchanged looks and chose not to reply Regina.

As the awkward silence persisted, Regina began to feel impatient. What? Why is this damned couple so arrogant? One day, I’ll be stepping on you two, and you guys would be at my mercy and at my disposal!

Although that was what Regina had in her mind, she still maintained her stiff smile because she knew that she had to get her job back. “Hey, I’ve really been reflecting on my actions. My job…”

Hmph! I knew it! Regina’s shameless behavior was making Hannah scoff in her head.

Fabian also smirked without even looking at Regina.

Before either of them could decline her request, Regina began wailing like an unbearable toddler.

“Hannah, I know that you don’t think highly of me. I know that you think that I’m just another girl with a sugar daddy. But you know what, I don’t come from a wealthy family, and I needed to do it so that the people at the company would see me as an equal! I slandered you because I’m jealous of what you have. You have no idea how hard life is living in the countryside! I just hope that you can forgive me!”

Regina broke out in tears as if she was the one who had been wronged. A passerby would surely see her in that miserable state and think she was getting bullied or something.

Hannah was a kind-hearted girl, and Regina’s tactics really worked on her. However, she knew that she could not help out much as an average employee since Fabian was the one who reported Regina to the Chief Editor. “How about you talk to Ms. Morrison again? I think the incident is pretty much resolved, and she seems to have learned her lesson,” she whispered in Fabian’s ear.

Shaking his head firmly, he said, “As the saying goes, a leopard cannot change its spots. I doubt she would change for the better.”

If not for Hannah, Fabian would have ignored Regina and strode off. Talking to a woman like Regina was a complete disgrace for him.

“I promise! I promise that I’ll turn over a new leaf. Please believe me!” Regina gushed with an earnest look.

Hah… Fabian felt rather entertained by her act. He vaguely remembered that Regina had said something really similar to that to him just a day ago.

“So what if you make a promise? You’ve messed with the wrong people, and now you have to pay for what you did,” Fabian growled. Turning to Hannah, he said, “Alright. Let’s get going.”

Hannah was still feeling a little bothered by Regina’s cries and the fact that she made someone lose her job. “I… I think…”

Before she could even finish her sentence, a blood-curdling scream resonated in the hallway. “Fabian Norton! You heartless bast*rd! I’ve given you two enough respect by apologizing, yet you choose to ignore me like this? I won’t let you off so easily!”

Hannah raised her eyebrows, and her mouth was still agape. She could feel her cheeks heating up. Oh, I’m such a fool.

Why did I even feel sorry for her? She was just putting up an act and had no intentions of turning over a new leaf whatsoever. And what’s with that? She’s still mad at us?

Squinting his eyes, a vicious aura radiated from Fabian. Staring daggers at Regina, he said, “You won’t let me off so easily? Hah! Please look at yourself. Do you actually think you can threaten me in any way? With that old, crippled grandpa you’re clinging onto? Or are you going to get a rich suitor to stir up some trouble? Fancy you talking about revenge? Just stop dreaming, you dirty woman. No matter how beautiful you think you are, you’re no more than a toy in our eyes.”

Every word Fabian hurled at Regina was like a deadly arrow that seemed to hit her spot on. Regina was well aware that she had been living a toxic lifestyle but she could never bring herself to admit to it.

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