Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1042

Regina’s lips trembled, and her face was a ghastly white. She was speechless. Fabian was completely right about her. She was merely a plaything clinging onto her sugar daddy.

However, there was no way in hell that Regina would accept reality. She took Fabian’s harsh words as a tactic he used to belittle her. I’m going to take revenge on you!

Blinded by hatred and vengeance, Regina charged forward and grabbed Hannah’s hair violently with her claw-like fingers.

Fortunately, Fabian’s reflexes kicked in, and he caught Regina’s wrists, restraining her hands with force. Regina ultimately let go of Hannah’s hair from the pain. As she bent down, Fabian vigorously flung her hands away, causing her to fall to the ground.

Upon seeing the agony on Hannah’s face, Fabian hurried over and gently caressed her head. “Does it hurt here?” he asked gently.

Hannah could barely speak and simply nodded.

Massaging her head carefully, Fabian’s looked extremely concerned.

Hannah whispered weakly, “Don’t rub it, it hurts.”

“It’s okay. You’ll be fine. I’m taking you to the hospital.”

As he said those words, he bent down and carried Hannah in a princess hug. As they went past Regina, he glared spitefully at her with his eerily cold eyes. “You’ve done well. You’ve angered me in every way possible.” With that, he stepped over her body and left.

As the stinging pain persisted, muffling her senses, Hannah looked at Fabian. He looked a little anxious and was glancing at her every other second.

Even though she was in pain, Hannah still felt happy about the fact that Fabian still cared about her. She pursed her lips into a subtle smile.

After carrying Hannah into the car, they soon arrived at the hospital. In the ER, Fabian spoke to a doctor. “Dr. Sanchez, her scalp or hair might have been damaged. Please find the best doctors in this area so that she doesn’t get any scars.”

The man whom he addressed as Dr. Sanchez replied, “Don’t you worry. I have arranged for the best doctors in the country to attend to her.”

“Thanks, I trust you. There’s no need for me to say anything else, is there?” Fabian said.

“Yeah. You can go finish whatever work you have or something. I’ll get a nurse to take care of her.”

“Well, there’s no need for that. I’ll be staying here to look after her.” Fabian took a deep breath.

“That works too. I have something to do in the hospital, so I’m heading off first,” Dr. Sanchez replied. It seems like this woman is really important to him. Maybe she’s the future Mrs. Norton.

“Okay, please get on with your work.”

After Dr. Sanchez left, Fabian lit a cigarette and took a long puff but choked on it. It had been a long time since he found the need to smoke. However, his mood was at an all-time low.

Eventually, he snubbed it in the ashtray and whipped out his phone. “It’s me. Help me investigate someone. Her name is Regina York. I want you to dig up everything shady and ugly about her!”

As Fabian stood by the bed Hannah was sleeping on, crossing his arms and staring at her with butterflies in his stomach, he came to the realization that he had begun to have genuine feelings for her.

Even as Hannah slept, there was a trace of distress lingering on her face, and her body would twitch slightly from time to time. Her sense of insecurity was unmistakable.

Upon seeing that, Fabian walked toward her and carefully reached for Hannah’s slender hand, wrapping his hand around hers. Slowly, he stroked the back of her hand.

A bitter feeling also crept into his mind as he watched her sleep. Then, he said to himself, “Do you lack the sense of security being with me?”

Holding up Hannah’s hand, he gently kissed it. “You need not worry. I’ll give you what you need.”

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