Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1043

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Just then, Fabian’s phone began vibrating. He muted his phone, nimbly placed Hannah’s hand back under the sheets, and made sure that she was comfortable before leaving the room.

His voice was cold as he answered the call. “Speak.”

“I’ve done as per your instructions. The woman grew up in a small town and first found a sugar daddy when she was still in college. After graduation, she began working at a magazine company. For some unknown reason, she got fired this morning and is currently unemployed. Wesley Xenakis of Hatchworks Enterprise has been her sugar daddy since two years ago…”

The mysterious voice from the other end continued to report every single detail about Regina’s life to Fabian. Having gone to lengths to dig up Regina’s dirty past in college, he seemed to be a rather efficient and capable informant.

Fabian smirked, a spark of disdain gleaming in his eyes. Hah… Once a bi*ch, always a bi*ch. Her college life must have been very colorful.

From his conversation with the mysterious informant, he found out that Regina’s current sugar daddy, Wesley of Hatchworks Enterprise, had projects with his company. Initially, he considered using their partnership as a tool for him to retaliate, but the idea was quickly dismissed as it would also result in losses on his part.

As a man with a competitive and aggressive nature, he never liked the idea of sacrificing his pawns in battle just to make his enemies surrender.

Soon, Fabian came up with a plan that he was satisfied with. Based on the information he obtained, Wesley rose to power mainly because of his wife.

Regina, oh, Regina. It seems that birds of a feather do flock together. You two are simply a match made in hell!

Wesley Xenakis, it’s not a crime to use another woman’s money for your immoral sex life. You’re just unlucky that your sugar baby offended someone she should never mess around with.

Fabian’s gaze had turned icy-cold. With the perfect plan in mind, he returned to the room to watch over Hannah.

Meanwhile, Regina was bawling her eyes out yet again. “Wesley! Are you going to help me or what? I’ve been hit, and yet you seemed so unbothered!”

The middle-aged man sitting beside her gave her a troubled look. “Regina, it’s not that I’m unbothered, but there’s nothing I can do in this situation. Fabian is known to be a cold-blooded businessman. I don’t want to lose everything just because of this.”

“Wesley! Think about it. He knows about our relationship, yet he still hit me. He did it to provoke you, so why are you backing down? What are people going to take you for if you don’t fight back? They’ll just take advantage of you!”

Regina was rather annoyed at Wesley’s cautious attitude. What a bloody coward! However, he was the only one who could back her up at this point, so it would not be wise to display her displeasure. Otherwise, she’ll be completely helpless and alone.

“What? You’re saying that I’m scared of him? What a joke! I’m just trying to ensure that my company doesn’t suffer from any losses because of this.” Wesley could not stand being humiliated by Regina, and his expression instantly darkened.

Wesley was all heated up, and Regina simply could not wait to stir up the flames even more. “If you’re not scared, then confront him! If he’s provoking you like this now, who would know what other outrageous things he would do in the future?”

Turning silent, Wesley sank into deep thought.

His hesitation made Regina feel displeased and uneasy.

Her displeasure stemmed from the fact that he did not choose to stand up for her when she clearly told him that she got hit. At the same time, she was worried that Wesley would ultimately choose to keep quiet about the incident, meaning that she would have lost her job for nothing.

“Are you not even willing to help me with something this small?” Regina leaned on Wesley’s body, held his hands, and stared at him with tears welling up in her eyes. As she raised her trembling hands to wipe her tears, she looked like a damsel in distress.

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