Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1044

Gritting his teeth and frowning a little, Wesley’s expression turned rather sinister. “Fabian, oh, Fabian. You asked for it. An eye for an eye!”

Regina was absolutely delighted to hear those words. Sliding her hand down onto his crotch, she said, “I know that you still love me.”

Back in the hospital, Hannah had just woken up. As she opened her eyes, she felt a distinct numbness in her arm. Just as she was about to get up, she noticed Fabian sleeping soundly beside her. Her eye widened. Huh? Has he been here all this while?

Hannah stole a stealthy look at Fabian. Even from his side profile, one could tell that he was undoubtedly suave. However, she soon recognized a sense of concern spelled all over his face.

Is he worried about me?

For the past few days, Fabian’s attitude toward her seemed to have taken a hundred and eighty degree turn. Though she could not figure out the reason behind it, she was still overjoyed and simply could not stop blushing.

All of a sudden, Fabian’s phone rang. Hannah instinctively closed her eyes.

Fabian was woken up by the ringtone. After glancing at Hannah, he picked up the call.


Hannah opened her eyes just a little to “spy” on Fabian.

A female voice replied, “Mr. Norton.”

Hannah almost sighed out loud. Biting her lips, she began to feel bitter.

Oh, Hannah. You shouldn’t have overthought the whole thing. You shouldn’t have even dreamed of him having feelings for you. You’re just living in your own fantasy.

However, things quickly took a turn. “I have organized all the information regarding our projects with Hatchworks Enterprise. The name of the person in charge there is Wesley Zenakis. He’s the vice president of Hatchworks Enterprise,” the woman on the other end continued.

Hannah turned a little red. So, it’s just his assistant reporting to him about work. Am I too sensitive about this?

She could not remember when or how it started, but every little thing that Fabian would do had begun to stir her feeling bit by bit, and she could not even help but be a little over-sensitive toward him.

“Okay. Just place those documents on my desk.”

With that, Fabian ended the call, curling his lips into a sly smile. “What a coincidence, Wesley. It looks like God is on my side, huh?” He mumbled to himself.

Just then, Hannah moaned softly, shifted her arms a little, and opened her eyes as if she had just woken up.

“You’re awake?” Fabian’s voice was incredibly soft and gentle.

“Huh?” Hannah pretended to be surprised that Fabian was still by her side.

“The doctor said that you should be fine now. The only thing to watch out about is that you shouldn’t wash your hair for the next two days.” A few moments ago, Fabian was angrily demanding that the doctors treat Hannah’s hair with the best products. He made it seem like a job that had to be completed well, or they would all lose their jobs.

“Huh? I can’t wash my hair? Then, how am I supposed to even leave the house?” As a woman, Hannah was very self-conscious about her appearance. She felt that she would get a mental breakdown if she were to stop washing her hair for two days.

“Of course, if you really insist on it, I won’t stop you,” Fabian replied, smiling at her.

Hannah heaved a sigh of relief. That’s great news indeed.

Upon seeing Hannah’s sheepish look of relief, Fabian’s grin widened. “You can go ahead and wash your hair if you want to turn bald.”

Realizing that Fabian was messing around with her, Hannah raised her eyebrows and pouted her lips. With a discontented look on her face, she said, “Hmph. Alright. I won’t do it then. It’s no big deal!”

No matter how unwilling she was on the inside, she had no intentions of turning bald. Ever since a young age, she had always dreamed of growing up to be a beautiful lady with cascading locks. There’s no way that I’m turning bald!

As Fabian silently observed her cute little expressions, he felt his affection for her swell up in his heart.

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