Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1045

Running his hands gently through Hannah’s hair, his expression suddenly turned stiff and stern. “Don’t you worry. I’ll avenge you. You won’t be suffering through this alone.”

“I…” Hannah wanted to calm him down a little, but Fabian seemed very determined, and she could tell by then that Regina was not a good person.

Slowly, Fabian stood up and leaned toward Hannah.

Staring at him curiously, she asked, “What are you doing?”

Fabian simply responded with a firm kiss on her lips.

“I’ve contacted your company to get you a day off. You should rest here for today. If you feel bored, you can just take a stroll downstairs. I’ll be off to work now, so please take care of yourself,” he said gently.

Before Hannah could even reply to him, Fabian had already walked out of the room.

As Hannah watched him leave, she could not help but space out a little. What’s with the extreme flip-flopping of his attitude? Did he just say those cheesy words to me? Even though he’s the most stuck-up man ever?

Hannah sat up, her heart palpitating faster than ever. With a delighted look on her face, she said to herself, “Why did I not see this gentle side of you before?”

She then massaged her temples before getting off the bed and washing up in the ensuite washroom of her VIP ward. She wanted to go for a walk downstairs.

After being bullied at work by Regina for two whole days, she was feeling extremely irritable. A day off work would be a great chance for her to regain a healthy mental state.

Meanwhile, in the living room of a small villa, Wesley and Regina had just finished their umpteenth round of sex. Putting their clothes back on, Regina began to talk about the “brilliant” plan she had come up with.

“Wesley, how about this? You invite Mr. Ziegler for a meal and convince him to raise the price for the plot of land sold in the Horington Land Development Project. After that, you simply follow suit.” She turned to look at Wesley.

“Once Fabian signs the deal with Mr. Ziegler, you can just leave the partnership with the excuse that you don’t have sufficient funds to pay for the plot of land. That way, Fabian wouldn’t be able to bad-mouth you. Most importantly, we would make him lose a ton of money. How’s that? Isn’t that a perfect plan?”

Wesley, who was sitting beside her, nodded subtly and replied, “Yeah. This plan sounds good. We’ll go with this. Hah! Fabian, I’m not going easy on you.”

While Wesley was drawing up a plan to sabotage Fabian with Regina, Fabian was also wracking his brain to think of a plan to sabotage Wesley.

Leaning back on his chair, Fabian was focused on the document in his hands. It was a document regarding Wesley’s wife.

Fabian knew that if he were to expose Wesley’s relationship with Regina to his wife, neither of the two immoral, sexed-up animals would get away unscathed.

Smiling wickedly, Fabian snapped his fingers and whipped out his phone once more to contact the mysterious informant. “Hello, help me book an appointment with Wesley Xenakis’ wife. Yes. I’ll meet her at four in the afternoon at the café opposite my company. Yeah, tell her that I’m Fabian and that I wish to talk to her about business.”

Moments after hanging up his call, his phone started vibrating again. Fabian raised an eyebrow at the name displayed on the screen. Terry Ziegler. Why is he calling me?

Fabian felt a little perplexed about why Terry contacted him. Even though they had partnered up in some projects in the past, he had not stayed in contact with Terry in ages.

“Hi? Terry? How very nice of you to call me today? You always seem too busy to contact me.” Fabian answered the call, bombarding Terry with patronizing words.

The raspy voice of an old man rang from the other end. “Mr. Norton, you must be joking. There’s a need for me to attend to all the official duties I have, unlike you. As the president of a company, all you have to do is take care of the overall direction of the projects at hand and sign a few papers.”

One could tell that Terry was a veteran government official from the way he spoke alone.

Fabian chuckled lightly. Before he could even respond, Terry began talking once more. “I’m calling you to talk about something serious today. I want to ask if you’ve gotten into a conflict with Wesley of Hatchworks Enterprise or something like that.”

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