Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1047

When Wesley, who was at the side heard that, he inwardly snickered. Hah! Your acting is quite convincing, you old fox! If I hadn’t known the truth beforehand, even I would’ve probably been taken in by you!

As Fabian took the contract from Terry, he saw the clause indicated by Terry’s index finger: In the event that Party A is unable to make payment, the guarantor will bear the responsibility of paying it in full. This clause was concealed at an exceedingly inconspicuous spot amidst the few pages of the contract, thus very much difficult to spot.

After glancing through the contract, Fabian murmured with a worried expression, “As you know, Mr. Ziegler, I’m collaborating with Mr. Xenakis’ company on this project, so I’m afraid that I can’t make an arbitrary decision.”

Grasping the meaning of his words, Terry passed Wesley another copy of the contract. He deliberately tapped on the price with his index finger before winking at Wesley. Then, he exclaimed, “Look, Mr. Xenakis. Although the price is exorbitant, this place is a gem and has immense appreciation potential. I’m sure you’re well aware of this, so why don’t you make a decision?”

As Wesley gazed in the direction of his finger, he was greeted by a shocking figure. He then inwardly counted, Ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions! Two hundred and fifty millions! He actually doubled the price of the land!

Wesley’s eyes blazed as utter delight swamped him. Haha, this is simply amazing! While he’s really ruthless to jack it up this much, I’ll be making a tidy sum as well. Since Fabian Norton has agreed to give me money for nothing, why should I decline?

Nonetheless, he intentionally feigned a dour expression as he replied, “The price is rather high, Mr. Norton. However, as mentioned by Mr. Ziegler, the appreciation potential is self-evident, so I think it’s still workable.”

Upon hearing this, Fabian couldn’t help sneering inwardly. Hah! Do you think you’ve gotten a free lunch? You think I’m an idiot, huh? Don’t come crying to me if something happens later!

He hesitated for a while before concurring, “Since Mr. Xenakis thinks it’s okay, it’s decided then.”

Meanwhile, as Terry looked at Fabian’s tortured expression, he inwardly groused. You’re truly vicious and greedy. It’s you who told me to jack up the price this much, yet you’re still acting as though you’ve suffered a great loss!

Giving a light cough, he then threw Wesley a look. “In that case, let’s sign the contract now to save trouble further down the road,” he suggested mildly. “It’ll be bad if the price were to go up again.”

At this, Wesley promptly seconded him, blurting, “Yes, Mr. Norton! We’ll both have one less thing to worry about after the contract is signed!”

Still, Fabian feigned a conflicted expression. Heaving a long sigh, he then assented, “Okay. In that case, let’s sign the contract.”

As he said that, he signed all three copies of the contract before handing them to Terry. Subsequently, Terry took out a red stamp and stamped the Bureau of Land Management’s seal on the contract. Then, he handed the contract to Wesley and placidly remarked, “Mr. Xenakis, please also sign as a witness since this is such a huge contract.”

When Wesley heard that, puzzlement flooded him. Huh? I’ve got to stand witness? Thus, he made a soft sound of inquiry. “Hmm?”

Noticing his hesitance, Terry explained, “This is a particular measure taken by the higher-ups to prevent officials from practicing nepotism. As long as a contract exceeds a billion, a witness’ signature is required.”

After saying that, he leaned over with an expression of concern and muttered in a low voice, “Hurry up and sign it before he changes his mind. If he goes back on his decision, we won’t be getting a single cent.”

Hearing that, Wesley felt that it indeed made sense. Plus, he assumed that Terry was on his side, so he picked up the pen and signed the contract without the slightest bit of suspicion.

The moment Terry saw him signing the contract, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief. With undisguised jubilance, he then gushed, “Great, great! It’s a load off all of us since the contract has finally been signed. Now, keep the contract properly and ensure that neither of you loses it. This is a crucial document, so make sure you keep it safe.”

As Wesley stared at Terry, who was grinning from ear to ear, a trace of envy slithered into him. You’re making tens of millions just by signing this contract, yet when the problem occurs later, Fabian Norton is going to shove all the blame on me!

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