Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1048

However, Wesley had no other choice, for he must go through Terry if he wanted to dupe Fabian. But at the thought that he himself had also made more than twenty million, the resentment within him eased slightly. Anyway, it’s worth it this time! Thus, he then lifted his wine glass and merrily said to the two of them, “Here, let’s celebrate the successful signing of the contract. Also, here’s to wishing us a fruitful collaboration!”

What? Is he this elated because he thinks that the money is now his? Ah, he’s been tripped by his own ingenuity! Unbidden, a flicker of sympathy welled within Terry at the sight of the euphoria written all over Wesley’s face. This poor guy probably doesn’t know it yet, huh? In truth, he has already lost two point five billion, and that money is all from his pocket…

It’s not you who has tricked Fabian Norton, but the other way around. Why are you so foolish that you chose to make an enemy of him? Say, even if he were to give you a ninety-meter start in a one-hundred-meter race, you might not necessarily be his match!

“Don’t worry, Mr. Xenakis. Our collaboration is sure to be a fruitful one,” Fabian asserted meaningfully even as an odd smile played on his lips.

Wesley paid it no mind, but at the side, Terry shivered at the sight of the smile. Goodness, he’s really terrifying! The expression on his face stiffened, and his voice turned a touch weak as he lifted his wine glass to conceal the terror brewing within him. “Here, here.”

After the meal, Wesley was exceedingly eager to drive Terry home. To him, Terry was already tantamount to the God of Wealth since he had made him over twenty million in just a flash. Thus, he couldn’t help being all deferential and reverent toward him.

Fabian, on the other hand, merely stared at both their backs. At this time, he felt that Wesley was acting very much like a bootlicker as he fawned all over Terry. In the next moment, he shrugged. Hah! What a ridiculous man! I wonder if you’ll still be all smiles like today when something happens.

Thereafter, he made a call and had someone cook some food and boil some soup for Hannah. Then, he personally delivered them to her.

At this time, Hannah was languidly watching television in her hospital room even as her tinkling giggles floated into the air occasionally. Out of the blue, a click sounded, and the door of the hospital room swung open. As she shifted her gaze to the door, Fabian entered her line of sight.

Fabian was holding a thermal food container in his left hand and a few containers in his right as he walked into the room leisurely. Suddenly, Hannah’s face inexplicably turned bright red as she stared at him, and her body shook.

At this, Fabian’s brows creased, and he inexorably hastened his steps. But before he had reached her, a splutter of laughter escaped Hannah, followed by a whole bout of it.

In the blink of an eye, her crazed giggles reverberated around the entire room. Meanwhile, Fabian looked at her wordlessly like a child staring at an animal in the zoo.

Upon seeing his expressionless face, Hannah felt that the atmosphere was rather awkward, so she forced herself to stop laughing. Then, she gazed at him docilely like a kid who had done something wrong.

“What did you find so funny?” Fabian inquired, curious.

“N-Nothing,” Hannah stuttered in reply to his question.

Placing the food on the table, Fabian turned around and threatened, “Spit it out, or you won’t be getting any food.”

“How could you starve me when I’m sick?” Hannah stuck out her cherry lips even as she rolled her eyes in aggrievement.

“Hmm? So, you think I’m joking, huh?” Fabian drawled in a questioning tone as he took two steps forward.

When Hannah clocked his solemn expression that carried no hint of humor, she sheepishly stammered, “N-No. I just felt that you looked very different when carrying those food containers.”

“Why don’t you expound on that?” Fabian pressed.

“Well… Well, you looked a bit like a househusband,” Hannah muttered in a flustered voice while shrugging, appearing resigned to her fate. She initially wanted to lie, but she was afraid that he would be able to see through her.

Well, well… She has a really rich imagination!

“A househusband?” Fabian repeated with a chuckle.

Grimacing, Hannah surreptitiously stole a peek at him. When she saw that he was opening the containers, she finally breathed easier.

“Well? Why are you still in bed? Don’t tell me you’re hoping to be intimate with me on a hospital bed?” Fabian smirked roguishly as though he was going to devour her right then and there.

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