Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1049

As soon as Hannah heard this, fear manifested and showed on her face. Hastily jumping out of bed, she frantically slipped on her shoes and ran over.

At this, a hint of craftiness flashed across Fabian’s eyes. “What’s wrong? Am I that scary?” he griped in slight displeasure.

Instinctively nodding, Hannah muttered to herself, “Of course! Do you not know that? You’re the devil himself. You always pick on me whenever you feel like it, but then throw me aside at other times. Didn’t you realize that? Hmph! What a fiend!”

At this precise moment, a chill struck her. She instantly snapped her head up, only to see him staring at her with eyes radiating icy coldness.

Oh my God! I actually blurted that out when I meant to just grouse inwardly, and he even heard me! What should I do? What on earth should I do? I just hope he doesn’t take offense at me.

“No, no. That’s not it. You’re not at all scary. You’re very gentle and you take good care of me. I like it a lot!” she frantically elucidated.

Naturally, Fabian knew full well that she was placating him. Nevertheless, he was still glad. No matter what, she’s still trying to please me! But for some reason, words eluded him for a moment. Subsequently, he ordered coldly, “Come over here and eat.”

Feeling as though a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, Hannah quickly dashed over, afraid that he would again be chagrined if she tarried for even a second. However, the moment she drew close to him, the stench of alcohol assailed her. “Y-You drank earlier?” she asked cautiously as she looked at him.

Nonetheless, Fabian didn’t answer her. All the containers on the table had been opened by now, and he filled a small bowl with chicken soup. After putting the spoon in, he placed it in front of her. “Drink it.”

As Hannah stared at the chicken soup in the thermal food jar, she queried, “You must have asked someone to boil this chicken soup, yes?”

His face a mask of disdain, Fabian retorted huffily, “Just concentrate on eating instead of yakking.”

At this, Hannah shot him an indignant glare. Why must you be so fierce? You’re obviously concerned about me, yet you’re feigning nonchalance. Why are you still such a hypocrite when you’re a grown-up! Ugh! You’re simply infuriating!

However, she didn’t dare give voice to it, merely muttering inwardly. After all, she didn’t know how he would react, so she didn’t dare take such a huge risk.

She ate a lot under Fabian’s watchful gaze, but in the end, she truly couldn’t stomach another bite. “I really can’t eat anymore,” she whined in a beseeching voice.

Despite knowing that he was doing this for her good, she couldn’t help grumbling inwardly What gives? Why does he keep forcing me to eat? Does he think I’m a glutton that he can shove however much food he wants down my throat?

As Fabian looked at the chicken soup and food that was almost all gone, he nodded his head in satisfaction. “This is more like it! You’re such a good girl!” he declared as though coaxing a child.

When his words fell, Hannah rolled her eyes at him in contempt while inwardly huffing. Hmph! Good girl? Do you think I’m a three-year-old kid? You make me feel like heaving at the mere sight of chicken soup! Just you wait. When you fall sick one day, I’ll force you to eat with a forbidding expression. Oh yes, I’ll also force you to finish an entire container of chicken soup!

As she thought about this, a beautiful picture formed in her mind—Fabian with an imploring expression and a forced smile that appeared exceedingly strained as he begged her fervently. Plus, she could even seemingly hear him pleading, Please don’t compel me to drink anymore. I beg you. I can’t take it anymore.

Meanwhile, she had her hands on her hips as she shot daggers at him like an ogre and bellowed. No way! Finish it right this instance! The picture was simply too wonderful that snickers escaped her.

“Hmm? Why are you sniggering?” Fabian questioned in mystification.

Lost in her thoughts, Hannah ignored him, merely smiling idiotically as she sat before the table.

“Hannah Young!” Fabian roared with a frown.

“Huh? What happened?” Hannah inquired with a dazed expression, oblivious to everything that had happened. At this time, a smile was still tugging at her lips.

All at once, Fabian stretched out his right hand and placed it against her forehead. As though having encountered an inexplicable problem, he muttered to himself, “She’s not running a fever. So, why was she grinning mysteriously?”

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