Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1050

Thereafter, Fabian retracted his right hand and propped it under his chin in bafflement instead. Don’t tell me she’s having mental problems?

Only now did Hannah realize that she had actually laughed aloud. She scratched her head in embarrassment as she looked at his bewildered expression. “Something occurred to me earlier, so…”

After listening to her explanation, Fabian questioned dubiously, “Are you certain you’re not sick?”

All at once, Hannah was rendered speechless. Why is he saying that I’m sick?

“Uh… I’m certain.”

Still, Fabian cast her a dubious glance. “I’ll observe you for another two days. If there’s really a problem, I’ll get a psychologist to take a look at you.”

What the hell? I merely fell into a trance for a moment! Does he need to make such a huge deal out of it? But on second thought, he’s merely concerned about me… Hmm… Alright, I’ll just put up with it since you appear quite sincere.

At this time, Fabian had already put her behavior earlier at the back of his mind, so he nonchalantly ordered, “Go and wash your hands. I’ll bring you downstairs for a stroll.

Upon hearing this, immense shock gripped Hannah. What? Did I hear him wrongly? This busy man is actually offering to take a stroll with me? Is he serious?

Rubbing her ears incredulously, she asked in disbelief, “What did you just say? Repeat it, please.”

Alas, this had Fabian’s relaxed brows scrunching together once more. He sauntered toward her languidly even as a flash of something gleamed in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Hannah couldn’t help but back away. This gaze is very familiar! Every time he wants to take advantage of me, such is the look in his eyes. Don’t tell me… he’s planning to do it here?

In a flash, she retreated to the side of the bed. As she stared at Fabian, who wore a determined expression, she blurted in a panic, “No, you can’t do this! We’re in the hospital, so this isn’t appropriate!”

Ignoring her protests, Fabian continued approaching. Only when he came toe-to-toe with her did he finally stop.

At this moment, Hannah appeared like a panicked rabbit. As her unease grew, she became all the more certain of her perception. He must be thinking of doing it right here!

“Women never speak the truth. Rather, they always say the opposite of what they mean. Thus, the more they refuse something, the greater their desire for it.”

Exasperation engulfed Hannah at his absurd logic. Hey, mister, I really don’t want it! Can you not apply this warped notion to every single woman?

“Really, we always say the opposite of what we mean? Okay, then. In that case, I do want it.” The moment she said that, regret swamped her. Dang! Why on earth did I say such a thing? This is all his fault!

Stricken, she collapsed onto the bed and turned her face away, not daring to look at him in the eye.

Fabian, on the other hand, was like a ravenous wolf. In a trice, he pounced on her and pinned her underneath him. Hannah then immediately stretched out her hands and shoved at him hard to push him away, only to have them restrained tightly with both of his and rendered immobile.

Predictably, Fabian turned a deaf ear to her at this time. He merely drawled coldly, “You’re begging me now? As you’re the one who sparked the fire, you’re naturally responsible for putting it out.”

When Hannah heard this, she couldn’t help lambasting inwardly, You’re truly an utter scoundrel! How could you be so shameless? You’re the one who wants it, yet you’re brazenly pushing the blame onto me!

Subsequently, Fabian gently parted her lips with his moist tongue. He initially planned to thrust right into her mouth, but to his surprise, Hannah had anticipated it and gritted her teeth hard to guard against his invasion. At this, Fabian inwardly sneered, Hmm? Did you think that I’ll give up if you do that? Ah, isn’t that too simple?

In the end, Hannah was kissed to point that her mind went blank and her eyes turned glassy. She then stuck out her tongue and started responding to the kiss.

When she did so, Fabian inwardly smirked. Yup, this is more like it! Good girl! I love it when you’re a good girl! He sucked on her moist tongue incessantly even as his hands started traveling upward. With a flip, he reversed their positions even as he continued kissing her mindlessly.

Just when he was about to take things to the next level, the ringing of his cell phone split the air.

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