Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1052

After saying that, Fabian spun around and left without even waiting for Hannah’s reply.

As soon as Hannah heard the door clicking shut, she stalked out of the bathroom while lambasting in stark fury, “You’re a liar! You’re an incorrigible liar! You’ve got business to attend to, yet you took advantage of me and forced me to utter such a mortifying remark! Argh! I’m your lawfully wedded wife! Is there a man who would dupe his wife like this…”

Disregarding the fact that he couldn’t hear her, she continued her tirade until she seemingly grew a tad tired. She poured herself a glass of water and guzzled it down in a single go. Then, she snapped angrily, “You want me to take a stroll, huh? Well, I’m just not going to do so! Instead, I’ll stay in my room and watch television! Hmph!”

Meanwhile, as the car zoomed along the road, the air outside the window kept whizzing past. At this time, Fabian was holding a stack of documents that contained everything on Regina in his hands.

“We’re here, Mr. Norton,” the driver prompted cautiously since he noticed that Fabian seemed to be contemplating something.

Nodding at his reminder, Fabian asked, “Which room is it?”

“Room 5, Mr. Norton.”

Click! Fabian swung open the car door and walked away.

Since he was a regular patron of the café, many of the servers recognized him. As such, a server amicably greeted him the moment he stepped in and inquired, “Do have a reservation, sir?”

“Room 5. A friend of mine made the reservation,” Fabian answered mildly.

Giving him a slight bow, the server politely murmured, “In that case, please follow me, sir.”

Thus, he led Fabian to Room 5. After knocking on the door, he then left.

In the next moment, Fabian pushed open the door and entered without considering whether the person inside responded. After all, he wasn’t willing to stand there and wait outside.

As soon as he walked in, he caught sight of a middle-aged woman sitting before him. While the woman was slightly plump, her skin was fair. She held a woman’s cigar that was flickering between her fingers, and wisps of cigar smoke wafted out between her teeth from time to time.

When the middle-aged woman saw Fabian, she blinked her eyelashes that were caked with heavy mascara. In a voice colored with curiosity, she then queried, “You’re Mr. Norton, right? Do have a seat.”

Inwardly, Fabian sighed even as he mused, No wonder Wesley Xenakis has a mistress outside. This woman’s looks are so ‘wonderful’ that I don’t even know what to say. Nevertheless, he quickly snapped back to reality and answered placidly, “Nice to meet you. I’m Fabian Norton.”

A gleam of something then flashed across the woman’s eyes. Having been in the corporate world for many years, she could discern his extraordinary status in a single glance. The top-notch suit on him is definitely tailor-made, and the watch on his wrist is from the renowned brand, Patek Philippe!

After having taken his measure, she snubbed out the cigar in her hand and asked with a trace of gusto, “May I know what kind of business you’d like to discuss that you asked me to meet you here this time, Mr. Norton?”

As Fabian crossed his legs, the corners of his mouth curved into a mysterious smile. “This time, I didn’t ask you to meet me here to discuss business in the corporate sense, Mrs. Xenakis.”

“Oh? What would you like to discuss if not business?” A vestige of puzzlement manifested on the woman’s face that was caked with makeup. As the rolls of fat on her face moved, it made her countenance appear a smidge contorted.

At this sight, Fabian inhaled deeply as he inwardly asserted. Hannah Young, you’ve got to compensate me when I go back this time! For your sake, I’m actually sitting down across from her and talking to her! Do you know how much patience this is costing me?

Suppressing the emotions that were roiling within him, Fabian forced himself to calm down before stating nonchalantly, “I’ve got some information here that is of no use to me. However, it’s quite some value to you.”

He then paused briefly before continuing, “My main purpose in asking you here this time is to do you a favor in hopes that you’ll look out for me when we collaborate in the future, Mrs. Xenakis.”

At this, Mrs. Xenakis’ enormous mouth dropped open, making Fabian shudder. “What kind of information are you referring to, Mr. Norton?”

“I wonder if your relationship with Mr. Xenakis is currently doing well?” Fabian inquired without replying to her question, his query seemingly laden with meaning.

“Why are you asking me this? This is a personal matter and has nothing to do with you!” Disgruntlement was written all over Mrs. Xenakis’ face, and she refused to answer him.

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