Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1054

As soon as Wesley’s wife stepped out of the café, she phoned the president of Hatchworks Enterprise. “Hello. Luka, I want to divorce Wesley Xenakis!”

“Huh? What happened, Ysobel? Calm down and tell me all about it slowly,” the person on the other end of the phone urged in concern.

The president of Hatchworks Enterprise, Luka Warren, was the brother of Ysobel Warren, Wesley’s wife. Their parents passed away when they were young, so they had to live on the streets. Later, Luka, who had an extraordinary vision, established Hatchworks Enterprise after making his first bucket of gold. And today, Hatchworks Enterprise was doing very well. While it wasn’t comparable with Fabian’s company, it still had quite a presence here in the city.

“Luka, Wesley Xenakis actually has a mistress out there, and he’s spending our money on another woman!” Ysobel snarled resentfully.

“Calm down first. How did you know that? And is there solid evidence?” Luka was also feeling extremely chagrined. He had felt that Wesley was mediocre in the first place, so if it weren’t for his sister, he wouldn’t have given him the position of vice president. And he has actually betrayed Ysobel now? Then, what right does he have to continue staying at Hatchworks Enterprise?

“Luka, someone has given me the address of the villa he secretly bought and even photos of him with his mistress! How could it possibly be fake?” Even at this very moment, Ysobel felt humiliated. Despite living as a wealthy woman now, her mentality and principles were still very much conservative, so she could never accept her husband having a mistress.

“Someone? Who gave you the information?” Suspicion slithered through Luka. Could it be that someone is deliberately making trouble and sowing discord in their relationship?

“Fabian Norton!”

“What? Are you referring to Fabian Norton, the president of Phoenix Group?” Incredulity swamped Luka. Fabian Norton actually told Ysobel about such a thing? What could his motive be?

“Yes, that’s exactly who I meant. Oh yes, hurry up and dismiss Wesley Xenakis. He seems to have been set up by Fabian. I don’t know the specifics, but he might cause the company significant losses,” Ysobel swiftly urged him as she abruptly recalled Fabian’s final remark earlier.

Upon hearing this, Luka froze at once. After all, everyone in the industry had heard of Fabian Norton’s reputation. How the hell has Wesley offended him that he went as far as setting him up? Since he has acted, the consequences would definitely be disastrous! A while later, he stated indifferently, “He didn’t come to the office today. He’s probably at the villa you mentioned, so send me the location, and we’ll go over to catch him red-handed.”

Fury had long since been blazing within Ysobel, so she readily agreed to his suggestion. “Alright, I’ll send it to you right away.”

Meanwhile, Fabian went back to the hospital to visit Hannah after he was done with Ysobel.

When Hannah noticed the glee on his face, she couldn’t resist asking, “What happened? Why are you so happy?”

However, Fabian deliberately kept her in suspense and refused to tell her anything. He merely parted his lips a fraction and murmured with a smile, “Let’s go. I’ll treat you to a show.”

At this, bafflement infused Hannah, and she was stumped. Why are we suddenly watching a show out of the blue? I’m not in my golden years, so I haven’t got the interest to do such a thing!

“Hah, I’m not interested! I’m not as boring as you. Besides, I don’t have the mental capacity to understand shows, so it’s far better for me to watch my romantic dramas here!” Disdain was written all over her face. How ridiculous! Shouldn’t he be handling company matters when he’s the president instead of watching opera shows that are more suited for old people?

Fabian knew that she must have misunderstood him, but he didn’t mind it the slightest bit. Anyway, I did all that because of her! At this thought, he suddenly grabbed her wrist and started striding out.

Inwardly, Hannah groused. What on earth is going on throughout this whole day? Isn’t this simply too forceful of him? In the morning, he forced me to drink chicken soup, and now, he’s dragging me to a show! What gives? Does he enjoy coercing people so much?

“Haven’t you heard of the saying, ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you,’ that has always been touted about?” Hannah huffily snapped. At the mere thought that she would have to watch people with heavy makeup singing and prancing about the stage, a wave of boredom assailed her.

“Nope!” Fabian denied concisely. Then, he threatened coldly, “You know I abhor others defying me, and I don’t think I need to tell you the consequences of that.”

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