Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1056

Meanwhile, Fabian’s eyes remained pinned on the gate that had been smashed open, afraid that he would miss something. At Hannah’s question, he lifted his hand and placed his finger against his lips. “Shh. The show is going to commence very soon.”

After all, he timed it for a bit, and judging from the Warrens’ impatient nature, they would definitely throw Regina out the moment they found her.

Before Fabian had even finished speaking, Hannah spotted someone being thrown out. In the next moment, she was entirely dumbfounded. What’s happening here? Isn’t that Regina? Why is she here?

Subsequently, Ysobel stepped forward, her face twisted into a mask of rage. Her body swayed like an octopus with all its tentacles shooting outward even as she pointed a finger at Regina, who had fallen on her butt on the ground, and cursed her out.

“You b*tch! You could have done anything at all, yet you just had to be a mistress! Did you not know what kind of person Wesley Xenakis is? Did you not know where his money comes from? Say, you’re truly shameless! How could you still spend that money with peace of mind?”

As Ysobel spoke, she even kicked Regina twice with her plump legs. Such an intense bolt of pain lanced through Regina that she howled while wailing that she was sorry and apologizing fervently in hopes of assuaging Ysobel’s towering rage.

At this time, a portly middle-aged man stumbled over. It was none other than Wesley, and behind him were Luka and the other men, making it apparent that they had shoved him out.

The moment Regina, who was on the ground, caught sight of Wesley, a pleading look lit her eyes. And while there were traces of anguish in Wesley’s eyes, he said nary a word. He himself was in great trouble now, so he had no way of helping Regina.

“What’s the matter? You’re hoping that he’ll plead for mercy on your behalf? Do you think he’ll dare do that?”

As Ysobel stared at Regina, who appeared pitiful, the fury within her blazed all the hotter. She simply couldn’t shake off the feeling that such a beautiful woman like Regina could only win a man’s favor by acting all coquettish.

Thus, she again kicked her petite body twice, the excruciating pain making Regina’s entire body twitch with agony. In turn, this rendered her increasingly pitiful.

At the side, Wesley timidly murmured, “Look, Ysobel, you’ve already hit her and condemned her, so why don’t you just let this matter go?”

“Hmm? Why so? Are you feeling sorry for her? Why didn’t you feel such a way when you kept a mistress outside? Why didn’t you feel sorry for me when you lavished my money on another woman?”

Upon hearing Wesley speaking up for Regina, Ysobel became increasingly enraged, especially when she noticed the branded clothes on her and the little villa she was currently occupying. Ah, what a luxurious life she’s been living! Never had Wesley Xenakis been this good to me! As this thought occurred to her, she stepped forward and gave her another two swift kicks to vent the resentment within her.

As Hannah gazed at Regina, who was moaning in pain on the ground, a sliver of sympathy rose within her. She then tugged on the hem of Fabian’s shirt and muttered softly, “Isn’t this too much?”

The moment she saw the few people coming out, she had already pieced the puzzle together. When Ysobel started raining kicks on Regina, she grew all the more certain of her assumption.

This plump woman is likely the lawful wife, while the middle-aged man is the one who’s keeping Regina as his mistress. Hmm… I remember Fabian saying that his name is Wesley Xenakis. As for the rest, they’re probably the help she brought along.

All of a sudden, she recalled Fabian saying that he would be bringing her here to watch a show.

So, had he known about this from the very beginning? Or was he the one who incited this whole incident? When he told the driver to head to Wesley Xenakis’ house, the driver knew the way clearly. Plus, a dramatic scene instantly played out. For that reason, I can say for sure that this matter has much to do with him!

As Regina continuing wailing on the ground, Hannah couldn’t help shuddering in pity. After all, it was abundantly clear that Ysobel wasn’t pulling her punches when she kicked her.

Looking at Fabian, who appeared and apathetic and unbothered at the side, she wanted to speak yet hesitated time and again. In the end, she could not hold back the words and blurted, “How about we go out and put a stop to it?”

Inwardly, she contemplated, Even if he’s not involved in this matter, they’ll still give him quarter considering his reputation in the industry.

However, how could Fabian possibly put an end to the show when it was him who had planned it meticulously?

Without entertaining the thought of helping, Fabian glacially retorted, “Why should we poke our noses into this when it’s someone else’s family affair? Besides, why should I help Regina York? She isn’t all that good to you, is she?”

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