Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1057

At Fabian’s remark, Hannah was left with no retort. He’s right. I’m just poking my nose into someone else’s affair. Regina is always picking on me in the office, and she’s so vicious that she even wanted to set me up shamelessly. If it weren’t for him, I can’t even imagine what I would be facing right now.

Upon seeing that her expression seemed rather grim, Fabian lifted his arm and pulled her into his embrace. “It’s fine. This is just karma since she’s such a ruthless person,” he consoled gently.

Meanwhile, Luka patted Ysobel on the shoulder and whispered, “Don’t take it so far. I’ve still got something to ask Wesley Xenakis.”

Ysobel again cursed Regina out, only stopping when sweat dripped down her forehead.

“Hmph! A b*tch like you should just walk the streets! How is this act of yours any different from prostituting yourself?”

As she spoke, her face turned chilly. In the next instance, she snapped her head around to bark at Wesley, who was wearing a penitent expression, “Go into the villa! My brother has something to say to you!”

After saying that, she again shot Regina, who was slumped on the ground, another glare. Then, she spun around and stalked toward the villa.

When Wesley saw that they had all left, he quickly darted forward and helped Regina up. “I’m sorry about that, Regina,” he mumbled in embarrassment.

Wesley had been rather good to Regina in the past few years she had been his mistress. He had no feelings for Ysobel, perchance due to her rigidity and stern temperament besides her unsightly looks. Plus, he had only married her because of Luka.

When he met Regina, it was as though he had found his chance at love. His interaction with her resembled that of a dating couple, giving her the best of everything and even accompanying her shopping from time to time.

Despite Regina’s cruel streak, she still had a shred of conscience, so she burst into tears at his words.

“Luka wants to see me, and I have a feeling that he wants to fire me. I might become a pauper in the future and can’t support you anymore,” Wesley admitted dejectedly.

This struck Regina like a bolt of lightning. No more money? How am I to continue living the life I want? Who’ll be buying me branded handbags and giving me a credit card to swipe at will?

But in the next moment, her eyes lit up as though having received a stay of execution. “Wesley, have you forgotten that we’ve duped Fabian Norton? It’s your signature on the document, so nobody can take it away from you. We still have money! There’s still hope!”

Her exclamation jolted Wesley out of his stupor. That’s right! I duped Fabian Norton out of tens of millions, so it’s enough for me to live comfortably for the rest of my life!

At this exact moment, a sharp voice rang out from the door of the villa. “Why are you not getting in here yet, Wesley Xenakis? Are you waiting for me to go and escort you in?”

As the terrifying voice drifted into Regina’s ears, she shuddered in fear, making it obvious that she was traumatized by the beating earlier.

When Wesley saw this, he gently comforted her, promising, “Don’t worry, Regina. I’ll divorce her. We’ll leave for someplace far away with the money. Call 911 first, and I’ll look for you later.”

Regina let out a sigh as relief suffused her. All these years I’ve spent with Wesley Xenakis is finally bearing fruit!

“Ah well, we won’t be getting to watch the show any further, so let’s go.” A languid voice echoed in the car, and the speaker was none other than Fabian.

At this, Hannah cast a final, pity-filled glance at Regina before heaving a sigh.

Subsequently, Fabian drove Hannah back to the hospital, while he went to look for Terry.

A while later, two people sat in a private room in a teahouse. “I think it’s about time, Terry. You can tighten the net now. Just phone Luka Warren and ask for the money. If he fires Wesley Xenakis, just ask Wesley for the money. If he can’t afford to pay… well, just take him to court and have him sentenced to life imprisonment,” Fabian drawled nonchalantly as he fiddled with the teacup in his hand.

As Terry stared at the faint smile playing on Fabian’s lips, he was abruptly drenched in a cold sweat. So, he wants to doom him? At the same time, a question flashed across his mind. What exactly did Wesley Xenakis do to offend him? Ah well, never mind. After all, knowing too much won’t do me any good!

In the next moment, he calmed himself down and replied, “Okay, I’ll have someone settle this in a while, so don’t worry.”

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