Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1059

“Mr. Norton asked me to inform you that he’s coming down in a while.”

Yvette massaged her waist, which started to feel sore after remaining seated for quite some time, and let out a deep breath. Finally, he’s coming down to see me! It’s worth the wait. She turned to look at her assistant seated beside her and said, “Just wait here for Mr. Norton to come down. I need to touch up my makeup in the washroom.”

She then strutted toward the washroom in her high heels without hesitation. Later, when putting on some mascara, she heard two women gossiping about Fabian. Out of curiosity, she stopped and pricked up her ears to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Do you know there’s a rumor about Mr. Norton being really close with a woman called Hannah Young at the moment?”

“Huh? I’ve no idea about that. I only know that everyone is excited about Mr. Norton being in a relationship with the artiste, Yvette Tanner. We expect that they will tie the knot soon!”

Yvette was over the moon when she heard the woman’s comment. All of a sudden, it felt like nothing – not even that Hannah – would spoil her day.

“Do you think it’s possible? It is undeniable that Yvette is a gorgeous woman, yet she is just an actress. I don’t think a prestigious family like the Nortons will easily accept an actress as the spouse of their young heir. Hence, chances of her becoming a member of the Nortons are very slim.”

“How about the one you mentioned earlier? Is Hannah Young an heiress from any of the prestigious family?”

“She’s not from a prominent family. I heard she is just a journalist. If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Norton had accepted her exclusive interview previously. He not only spared time to fetch her from her office that day but also gave her a big bouquet of roses. I notice that Mr. Norton has never treated any other women so caringly all this while. Therefore, I feel that there’s a bigger possibility for both of them to get married.”

Yvette’s face turned grim instantly as she enunciated Hannah’s name with gritted teeth. In a split second, a look of abhorrence appeared in her eyes.

Hannah Young, you really are a shameless b*tch! How dare you seduce my man. All this while, Fabian was always known as a playboy in showbiz, but he seems to have better self-control lately because of me. Everyone knows we are a perfect match for each other. Yet you have to come and mess things up!

Anyway, I would not follow in that foolish Regina’s footsteps by having a dispute with you right away. If I do so, my image would be tarnished!

Yvette managed to cool her head off in a while and gave herself a confident smile. Just wait and see! I’ll never be defeated by you, Hannah Young!

The moment she stepped out of the washroom, Fabian was already waiting for her with his assistant at the entrance.

Quickening her pace, Yvette said cloyingly, “Fabian, you’re here!”

Fabian turned and smiled at her. “Yeah. I was going through some documents just now. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Shaking her head, Yvette replied coyly, “It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re willing to see me, I don’t mind to keep waiting for you.”

Fabian chuckled dryly and asked, “Anyway, why are you here? Do you have something to discuss with me?”

“I kinda miss you, so I thought of asking you out for a meal,” Yvette said coquettishly as she held onto Fabian’s arm.

After pondering for a while, Fabian decided not to turn her down. He replied immediately, “Let’s go. What do you feel like having?”

Batting her eyelashes, she replied sweetly, “As long as I’m with you, anything is fine for me.”

Upon hearing her words, Fabian could not help letting out a silent sigh. Hannah, how nice if you are as understanding and obedient as Yvette!

Following that, both of them stepped out of the building together. Yvette also sent her assistant off, as she would like to spend some private time with Fabian.

There was pin-drop silence in the car. Fabian was staring out of the window in silence as his mind sank into contemplation. Yvette was seated aside, feeling bored and shy at the same time. After a while, she broke the silence by asking softly, “Fabian, what are you busy with recently? I went to look for you a few times, yet you were not at the office.”

“I’m occupied with the business operations these two days,” Fabian recollected himself and replied placidly.

“I see.” At the sight of Fabian’s indifference, Yvette was disappointed and felt dejected like a deflated balloon.

At the same time, Fabian’s phone buzzed, and he took it out slowly. The moment he saw the name blinking on the screen, his eyes lit up.

“Hello?” Fabian’s lips curved into a smile.

Upon seeing Fabian’s face lit up, Yvette furrowed her brows as she realized that the caller must be no ordinary person to him. Instantly, she felt threatened as the caller had triggered an alarm within her. Perking up her ears, she tried to catch what they were talking about.

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