Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1061

Her long, black silky hair flowed naturally, ending at the small of her back; her hourglass figure was perfectly wrapped in a bodycon dress. Wearing a pair of pearly white heels, her slender legs looked exceptionally appealing. Shielded by a pair of stylish shades, her delicate face exuded a dazzling and mysterious charm.

“Look at the couple over there with stunning good looks! They are really a match made in heaven!” A couple gaped at them and commented enviously.

Yvette was on cloud nine while hearing that, so she tightened her grip on Fabian’s hand. Nevertheless, Fabian did not bother about how others commented on them. He could barely wait any longer to indulge himself in a steamy session with her.

At the sight of Fabian’s urgency while he was checking in at the reception counter, Yvette’s smile widened as she mocked Hannah in her heart. Hannah Young, all men are the same. You would have to be able to lure them, get it? Just look at how quickly Fabian falls into my grasp. Do you think he will still think of you at this moment? Hah! At the end of the day, skills still matter as it’s not something that you can master at once. You silly girl, there’s still a lot for you to catch up on!

In Yvette’s eyes, Hannah could not compete with her at all. She was pretty sure that Hannah would never be able to win Fabian’s heart as long as she was alongside the man.

Once they were in the hotel room, Fabian pinned her roughly on the bed and planted kisses constantly on her neck. She instinctively stopped him, “Not there. The hickeys will be too obvious.”

On the instant, Fabian paused with a glint of displeasure in his eyes and snapped, “You know that I dislike others to go against my will, don’t you?”

Yvette pacified him by apologizing immediately, “Fabian, I’m sorry. Forget about what I’ve just mentioned.”

Fearing of enraging the hot-tempered man again, she could only suppress her own displeasure. After all, she knew well about his temperament. He was not just treating her like that. Such a domineering man like Fabian would never be considerate of anyone.

After a steamy intimate session, Yvette sprawled coyly on Fabian’s chest.

Meanwhile, Fabian was scrolling the social media page aimlessly on his phone. His finger stiffened momentarily as something caught his eye. It was a post by Hannah, saying that she was feeling lonely and bored. He sat up from the bed at once after reading it.

Taken aback by Fabian’s abrupt movement, Yvette asked in bewilderment, “Fabian, what’s the matter? You gave me a scare!”

“It’s nothing actually. I just suddenly recall that I have to attend to some urgent matters. You must be hungry, right? Go down and get something to eat before you leave. I need to make a move first,” Fabian replied casually as he started to put on his clothes.

“Alright,” Yvette answered disappointedly. As something came into her mind, a glint of profound coldness flashed across her eyes. What is so urgent that he has to leave hastily at this hour! It’s midnight now! I’m sure it’s related to that slut again! Hannah Young, it looks like I have underestimated you!

After getting dressed, Fabian gestured to Yvette and left at once. As soon as he left, Yvette called her assistant and instructed coldly, “I want you to investigate Hannah Young, the journalist who had an exclusive interview with Fabian recently. Don’t forget to find out everything that happened between the two of them for the past two days.”

When Fabian was back at the hospital, he found that the door of the ward was locked. He then asked the nurse to unlock it with the spare key.

The light in the room was still on. He knew that Hannah did not have the courage to sleep in the dark at night. Hence, she had the habit of leaving the lights on the whole night. Tiptoeing into the room, Fabian tried his best not to make any sounds so as not to wake her up.

He stopped in front of her bed and looked intently at the woman who was lying on her side on the bed. She looked so demure in her fancy thin pajamas. Right then, he could even smell the faint fragrance of the shampoo she used earlier.

Squinting his eyes, he noticed a tiny bulge popping up in between her chest due to the crease of her pajamas. Pressing it lightly with his fingertip, the section of the pajamas caved in instantaneously. Since she did not react at all, it indicated that she was sleeping soundly.

Pulling over a chair, Fabian sat on it and continued to look at her silently.

“Fabian Norton, you’re really a jerk! I want you to drink the chicken soup too! You’re not allowed to sleep unless you have swallowed every single drop from the pot!” Fabian’s brows furrowed as Hannah yelled abruptly. Nonetheless, the crease in his forehead was smoothened when he discovered that Hannah was still lying motionless on the bed with her eyes tightly shut.

This woman is apparently sleep talking. Hannah, Hannah… I’d never expected that you’ll loath me that much for asking you to drink some chicken soup. You’re even complaining non-stop in your sleep just because of that?

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