Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1064

It was Yvette. She gave Hannah a solemn look, instructed her assistant to wait for her downstairs, and narrowed her eyes. “We need to talk.”

Talk? We have nothing to talk about. I don’t have so much time to spend. I still want to get paid today. Hannah thought to herself.

“Sorry, but I need to work. We can talk next time when I’m free.” Hannah rejected Yvette politely. She was about to turn around and leave when she felt a sharp pain in her wrist. Yvette had grabbed hold of her.

“Hannah, you don’t want me to do this the hard way. I’ve already treated you with due respect, so what else do you want?” Yvette frowned and said coldly.

Hannah thought Yvette was being downright unreasonable at that moment. How dare you? Do you think everyone else has as much free time as you do? I guess I won’t hold back since you’re so rude to me.

At that, Hannah flung Yvette’s arm away fiercely. “Hah, what do you want?”

Yvette’s eyes were full of hatred towards Hannah as if she had done her wrong. “Hmph. Don’t you know what you’ve done?”

Are you crazy? What did I ever do to you? Hannah felt that Yvette was trying to pick a fight.

She tried to control her temper as much as she could and replied with a smile. “Ok, Ms. Tanner. I’m in a rush right now. We can talk about whatever is concerning you after work, ok?”

However, Yvette thought that Hannah was just trying to shy away from the situation, so she wouldn’t let the latter go. She puffed up her chest and spoke haughtily. “Why? Are you in a hurry to escape after being exposed? Have you ever thought of the consequences when you did it?”

Beep beep beep. Hannah looked in the direction of the sound and saw a colleague walking past the punch card machine dejectedly. Argh… Sh*t! Guess I won’t be able to clock in anymore today.

At once, Hannah flew into a rage, turned around, glared at Yvette, and bellowed, “Yvette, what exactly do you want? Can you please get straight to the point, and stop beating around the bush? Don’t you think that’s annoying?”

Yvette’s lips quivered in rage. Who does Hannah think she is? How dare she speak to me that way?

“Hannah, I was about to ask you the same question myself. I know what you’ve done. You’re not worthy of Fabian.”

Fabian? Fabian? So that’s why Yvette looks so jealous when she saw me. It’s all because of him.

“I have nothing to do with Fabian. I’m just a journalist who did an exclusive interview with him. You have nothing to worry about even though you’re not as pretty as me.”

Yvette sent someone over to investigate after Fabian left yesterday. She was furious when she found out what had happened between the two. Fabian wasn’t busy with work for the past two days, he was simply spending time with Hannah.

She found Hannah to be a threat since she thought herself to be Fabian’s rightful wife and naturally hated her.

“Don’t think I’m not aware of your schemes. You’re planning to marry into a wealthy family and climb the social ladder. I’m telling you, this is just your wishful thinking. I suggest that you know your place as a journalist and stop seducing Fabian.”

Hannah thought Yvette was being unreasonable and compared her to a crazy woman. The pleasant demeanor she displayed on-screen was nowhere to be found.

“Ms. Tanner, don’t you think you’re making a joke out of yourself as a public figure? I think you should be the one to know your place. You have nothing to do with Mr. Norton. Don’t you feel embarrassed calling Mr. Norton by his name? Moreover, I’ve already mentioned that I have nothing to do with Mr. Norton. And even if I do, it has nothing to do with you. I hope you will leave me alone in the future.”

Hannah then ignored Yvette’s screams, turned around, and head to her office.

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