Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1066

“Regina? She received a 20-year sentence for encouraging Wesley in his crime. I understand what you’re saying, I’ve already spread the word. No one will dare drag her into the matter anymore after this. I guarantee it.”

Fabian smiled sinisterly. “They should have known better than to mess with my wife.”

In the meantime, Hannah was massaging her temples at her office, feeling lethargic. She thought she would freshen herself up in the washroom. Just as she walked out of her office, she saw a few people sitting around in small groups deep in discussion.

Hannah was used to it by now. After all, their magazine company relied heavily on gossip for business. Hence, it made sense for the employees to be well-informed on recent happenings. She used to gossip around with her colleagues all the time in the past as well.

Walking out, Hannah smiled politely when she passed them by. But they immediately quietened down when they saw Hannah.

Startled by their response, Hannah was rendered speechless. The entire office became so quiet one could even hear a pin drop just because she came over. Am I that scary? Or did I do something wrong?

Hannah walked into the washroom, looked at herself in the mirror, but couldn’t come up with anything. She washed her face, dried it with a paper towel, and listened in secret to the conversation outside.

“Is it true what you said just now?”

“Of course. I heard it from an insider. Wesley Xenakis will be sentenced for life while Regina York will be facing a 20-year sentence.”

“I’m not talking about that. I mean, are you sure Hannah’s the one behind all this? She doesn’t look the type. How could she be so cruel?”

“Oh no, I never said it was Hannah. She wouldn’t have the capabilities to do it even if she wanted to. I heard it’s all Fabian’s doing, but I feel like Hannah has everything to do with it. Just think about it – why would the president of Phoenix Group get Wesley and Regina into trouble if not for Hannah?”

Immense shock gripped Hannah. Sentenced for life? Twenty years? She had a feeling it was all Fabian’s doing. Although he did it for her sake, it was too cruel.

Hannah panted for breath in the washroom, trying to calm herself down. No wonder everyone quietened down when they saw her. They must be afraid of her.

She wasn’t in the mood to look through the interview questions with Yvette anymore for the rest of the morning.

After work, Hannah dialed Fabian’s number to confirm if he was the one behind all this. However, he told her he wouldn’t be coming home for lunch and asked her to take good care of herself before hanging up hastily.

Back home, Hannah lay on the sofa and watched some series half-heartedly after lunch.

Meanwhile, Fabian worked till late at night. He checked his phone and saw a few missed calls from Yvette. Well, well, Hannah. Shouldn’t you at least give your husband a call?

Fabian returned Yvette’s call on the way back. “What’s up?”

“Fabian, why didn’t you pick up when I called? Were you busy? You should take good care of your body no matter what.” Yvette’s voice was laced with concern.

Fabian shook his head bitterly and sighed. It would be great if the concern came from Hannah. But it was never going to happen, not even if she cared.

“I’m fine. What’s up? Please go straight to the point.”

Yvette felt a little bit upset upon hearing his words. “Oh, nothing much. I just wanted to remind you that my new drama’s press conference will be tomorrow. As an investor, you should attend.”

“Ok, got it. I’ll be there tomorrow.” Fabian was wondering if Hannah was waiting for him to return for dinner.

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