Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1069

Lost to the concept of time, Fabian finally stopped after who knows how long, sweat dripping all over his body. Hannah, on the other hand, lay on the bed, breathing greedily for air as her body went limp, not yet recovered from the passionate night they had.

“Not bad. Quite cooperative just now, weren’t you?” The scratches left by Hannah on his back was beginning to feel tender, yet Fabian was not at all upset. In fact, he felt pleased.

Hannah widened her eyes in disbelief of her own actions. What happened to me? How could I be so… so lustful?

Desire sparked through Fabian’s eyes once more, burning like a raging forest fire. His lips curled into a beguiling smile, “Well, well, well Hannah… you look like you enjoyed it more than I did. Are you up for another round?”

Annoyed, Hannah turned her face away from Fabian. “Shameless,” she scolded softly, scoffing.

The word travelled into Fabian’s ears. He shrugged reluctantly, but decided to stop pursuing the matter. At least she had cooperated with me once.

Seeing Fabian no longer pushing her on the subject, Hannah sat up slowly. “The incident with Regina, were you the one…”

Perhaps Fabian had been a little too rough on her just now. Hannah’s soft voice chocked and cracked as she spoke, sounding pitiful.

“Yes. That was my doing. No one is allowed to mess with my woman,” admitted Fabian confidently.

With a swift motion, he pulled Hannah towards himself, nesting her head on his chest. “If you need a sense of security, I will give it to you!” whispered Fabian softly, stroking her hair.

The light of dawn torn apart the veil of night, shining on Fabian’s forehead and waking him up from him slumber. Stretching with his eyes still closed, Fabian moved his hands towards the other side of the bed, expecting to feel the silly woman beneath his fingers. However, much to his surprise, no one else was there but him. It was only then did he remember that Hannah had an interview that day, so she must have gotten up early to get ready.

Fabian removed the covers groggily and rolled over to the side, enjoying the sunshine. He had slept soundly with no dreams nor nightmare, probably because of the intense night he had with Hannah the night before.

After a few lazy minutes, Fabian got up to brush himself up. Upon entering the bathroom, he noticed water droplets still on the mirror, indicating that Hannah had only left not long ago.

From Hannah’s documents he had read last night, Fabian knew Hannah would be going to Yvette Tanner’s launch event for a new drama series. After the pleasant night he had with her, Fabian decided to give Hannah a surprise as a reward. He dialed her number. “Hello? Where are you?” His raspy yet magnetic voice rang on the other end as Hannah picked up.

“Oh, you’re awake? I’m at the hairdresser’s,” answered Hannah after a second of bewilderment. Why’s he asking me this?

Every girl longs to be beautiful, including Hannah. Moreover, she would be attending a launch event organized by her love rival, of course she would want to outshine Yvette Tanner.

“Send me the address.” Fabian didn’t even bother asking.

“Ah? Why?” asked Hannah, but all she heard from the other end was beeping. Fabian had hung up just like that.

Has he lost his mind? Hannah grumbled softly to herself in annoyance, but still sent Fabian the address of the salon in the end. She had learnt her lesson not to rebel against Fabian’s orders.

At the house, Fabian dialed another number. “Ask someone to drive a minivan to this address and pick up Hannah Young and get her makeup done. As for the clothes… pick out a close-fitting evening gown with a halter neckline, preferably with elegant embroidery,” ordered Fabian to a makeup artist from one of his subsidiary companies.

Hannah was currently wearing a lilac knee-length cocktail dress. Her delicate feet were in a pair of black lace-up high heels. Looking in the mirror with her hair done, Hannah nodded in approval of her appearance. Hmpf, I shall not lose out to you tonight.

Hannah had recently started comparing herself to Yvette. If she had won, her mood would be undeniably better for the rest of the day, if she didn’t, her morale would plummet to the ground. Hannah was confused with this new sense of jealousy. She was never one to compare herself with someone else.

The second she stepped foot out of the hair salon, a young man blocked her in her path. “Excuse me, madam. Are you Hannah Young?” he asked in a polite manner.

The young man had a light and smooth voice, allowing the listener to take a liking to him instantly. Even so, Hannah was curious. I’ve never met this man before, so how does he know my name?

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