Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1073

Are you really thinking about dumping me so you can marry her?

Hannah chuckled icily, “Heh, ‘dump’ isn’t even the correct word for it. We have only been faking it since the beginning.”

Bitterness filled Hannah’s heart as she felt it crumbled into pieces. She admitted to herself that she was feeling jealous, but she was careful not to let her emotions show. With the best smile she could muster, Hannah walked towards them with her camera.

I’m here to do an interview, not to see the lovey-dovey show you two are putting up. Whatever you do is none of my business.

Hannah reminded herself of the reason she was there and turned her head away from Fabian and Yvette, leaving the pair out of her peripheral vision. Out of sight, out of mind.

As Fabian helped Yvette to stand on her feet, his gaze did not stop searching the crowd for a familiar silhouette. This is odd. I’m sure that dum-dum would be here, so how come I don’t see her?

After a few minutes of searching, Fabian finally found Hannah seated in a lonely and well-hidden corner. Fabian’s brows furrowed as he caught sight of her. Hmm? Why is she not wearing the evening gown I’ve requested for her? Fabian pursed his lips into a flat line, displeased.

He then noticed the bag and camera on the table in front of her, causing the flame of anger to burn ever more ferociously. As Fabian was late to the party, he had no clue about what happened before he arrived. Naturally, he thought Hannah chose not to wear the gown he had chosen for her deliberately.

I had meticulously picked out an elegant evening gown that suits her best, and that ungrateful woman just simply stuffed it in a bag?

Fabian tightened his grip on Yvette’s waist out of anger. Feeling the subtle pain on her waist, Yvette looked up at him, only to see his dark, cold expression, with his eyes focused elsewhere. Following his gaze, Yvette saw Hannah seated at the corner.

Huh, you have angered Fabian again, you little b*tch? You can’t even make a man happy, how can you possibly win a man’s affection?

Yvette intentionally leaned closer to Fabian. She wanted Hannah Young to see how intimate she was with Fabian, crushing any hopes Hannah had for Fabian.

Unfortunately for Hannah, the launch event for the new drama series had officially started. Sighing heavily, she picked up her camera with zero enthusiasm. Frustration boiled in her blood as she headed towards Yvette. She had been bullied and humiliated by Yvette. Yet, not only could she not seek revenge, she even had to interview Yvette as it was her assignment.

Yvette stood in the spotlight in an elegant and graceful posture, her movements laced with impeccable class.

“Thank you all for coming here today to witness the launch event of my new drama series. I am more than honored…”

Yvette started her eloquent speech onstage, earning another eye-roll from Hannah in the crowd. “Oh please. Are you a product that you have to promote yourself and pull the interest from the crowd?” scoffed Hannah under her breath.

As the speech ended, Hannah couldn’t help but scold again, “Finally. Just how she was dragging on her speech, blah, blah, blah… Don’t you know the crowd is starting to hate your voice?”

Contrary to her words, the audience erupted into cheers and thunderous applause followed suit. Hannah coughed awkwardly to hide her embarrassment. Well, that was humiliating.

It had then reached the session where Yvette would be answering interviews. Swarms of journalists rushed forward with microphones and cameras. The sound of cameras clicking and chatters filled the hall instantly.

The purpose of Yvette’s previous visit to the company Hannah was working at was only for the chance to embarrass Hannah during the launch event. She had no intention to give their company the invitation to do an exclusive interview and coverage for the event.

Yvette was not stupid. She knew the presence of many journalists would boost the popularity of her drama to a higher notch.

A simple invitation by Yvette to half of the news industry had given an immense headache to Hannah, who was carrying a bulky camera. Although she was petite and agile, the camera in her hands had severely slowed down her pace and increased the difficulty of her squeezing through the crowd, causing her to lack behind.

“Ms. Tanner, do you think this series will breakthrough in the entertainment industry?” asked a journalist.

“Mm hmm, I think so,” nodded Yvette.

“Why is that, Ms. Tanner? Care to enlighten us?” Another journalist extended the microphone in her hand towards the star.

“Because the genre of this series has established a precedent in the market in our country. On top of that, the visuals and special effects in the series are top-notch. Not to mention the cast are mainly famous actors and actresses in the series, I’d say this series stands a pretty good chance,” announced Yvette in all smiles.

Chatters and clicking continued as the journalists continued pestering Yvette relentlessly for more details of the series.

The journalists kept bombarding Yvette with different questions and she answered all those questions graciously. Perhaps it was because the questions asked were nothing special, the journalists did not seem to have much enthusiasm. After a few boring minutes, one of the reporters finally lost his patience and blurted, “Ms. Tanner, there have been rumors flying about that you are currently dating Mr. Norton, the president of Phoenix Group. Is that true?”

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