Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1076

Hannah knew that her behavior yesterday was uncalled for. She was an emotional wreck and didn’t capture any of the important events during the launch event. She lowered her head and apologized to the senior editor, “I didn’t mean to. Well, I’ll accept any punishment you decide on.”

Hannah was currently in charge of Fabian’s interview. So if she got fired now, then all her previous efforts would be for naught. The senior editor sighed and spoke helplessly, “Alright. I’ll give you another chance. You’ll interview one of Sunshine city’s top families, the Jackson family’s only heir—Xavier Jackson.”

“Xavier Jackson?” The name sounded awfully familiar to Hannah. She thought long and hard, trying to put a face to that name. Eventually, a man’s face surfaced in her mind.

Once Hannah figured it out, her jaw dropped. She couldn’t utter a single word as waves of questions crashed in her mind.

That frivolous man? No, It can’t be that coincidental. Hannah’s brows scrunched tautly. What if he intentionally requested for me to do the interview? No, that can’t be since we have only met briefly. Unless… this was what fate wanted?

The senior editor’s eyebrows raised at Hannah’s wide-mouthed expression.

Then, he questioned loudly, “What are you gawking at, Hannah? Do you not want the task? Don’t assume you’re all that just because you did Fabian’s interview. I’ll sack you if you mess this up again.”

Hannah didn’t dare to reject the senior editor’s request after hearing his threat. Hannah nodded without hesitation and said, “You can count on me. I’ll do my very best in this interview.”

At this, the senior editor’s features loosened from its initial frown. He spoke in a friendlier tone, “Good, consider that as redemption for your previous hiccup. I also heard that Mr. Jackson is fairly easy to get along with, so this interview cannot fail under any circumstances. I’ll have someone send you his details in a bit. Please read through it thoroughly, then get on with the interview immediately. The early bird gets the worm, after all.”

Relief washed over Hannah. It’s just an interview, what’s the big deal? She then returned to her office and scanned through Xavier’s information before heading to his company.

“Do you have an appointment?” The receptionist asked coldly and shot a cautious look at the camera in Hannah’s hands.

Huh? Are all receptionists in the world clones of the same person? They literally only ask that one question. Hannah scoffed to herself.

“Err, no. I’m a journalist from a magazine company, and I was hoping to get an interview with Mr. Jackson today,” Hannah explained courteously.

This reason wasn’t well-received by the receptionist, who glared daggers and snorted with disgust at Hannah. A journalist? Well, I suppose you are easy on the eyes; your boss certainly knows how to cater to Mr. Jackson’s tastes.

Regardless, the receptionist responded as she usually would to any visitors who walked in without an appointment. “Mr. Jackson won’t see you without an appointment, so you’ll have to wait until his schedule frees up before you can go to him.”

Great, Hannah mentally complained. Today’s interview is pretty much going down the drain. Hannah sighed pronouncedly after being denied entry. Despite how upset she felt, she still had to complete the interview task assigned by her company, so she had no choice but to wait.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in Hannah’s mind. She gnawed on her bottom lip and boldly approached the receptionist again. Her eyes gleamed with hope while she stated in a low and resentful tone, “Mr. Jackson and I are acquaintances. Tell him that Hannah is here to see him.”

The receptionist eyed her doubtfully. After pondering about it for a second, she dialed Xavier’s office. “Mr. Jackson, there’s a reporter named ‘Hannah’ who claims to be your acquaintance and wants to see you now. What would you like me to do?”

Hannah’s heart pounded with tension. The palm of her hands joined while she muttered silent prayers. Please let me in.

I’ll be kicked out of my job if this interview doesn’t happen, so I have to get it done at all costs. Hannah had firmly settled on this and had even devised a plan to wait outside the company all day if he refused to see her.

“A-alright, Mr. Jackson. I understand,” the receptionist answered. Sensing that the call was ending, Hannah’s gaze snapped towards the receptionist’s facial expression, examining it for clues on whether she was finally allowed in.

“Ms. Young, Mr. Jackson will see you now.” Although the receptionist had a much friendlier tone, Hannah still felt inexplicably odd and uneasy about the receptionist’s way of speaking.

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