Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1078

With Xavier’s smooth and concise response to every question, the interview soon came to an end.

Hannah let out a sigh of relief when the interview finally ended. Tidying the documents in her hand, she stood up to announce, “That’s all. I’ve got no more questions for you. This interview will be published shortly after I get back to the office and tidy up the loose ends.”

Xavier hummed in agreement whilst nodding.

Deep down, he had to hand it to Hannah for meticulously asking questions that were simple yet straight to the point. At the same time, her style of interviewing was impartial and reasonably paced. The way she handled the interview had added points to his impression of her greatly.

“Mr. Jackson, I’ll be taking my leave now that the interview is over.” Hannah packed up hurriedly. She was terrified of not being to defend herself should Xavier harass her with his sly innuendos again, especially since she couldn’t reply or react too outrageously. After all, the senior editor had threatened to end her career if she didn’t complete this task properly.

“Okay. As chance would have it, I’m getting off work too. Shall we leave together?” Xavier casually announced after glancing at his watch. Then, he took the lead and exited the office, leaving her with no choice but to follow.

They soon waited inside the descending elevator. Hannah’s eyes cautiously darted around while she kept a distance away from Xavier. She deliberately stood in front of the doors, ready to run if anything were to happen. Of course, she knew that this was an impolite thought to have. But what am I to do if Xavier suddenly wants to take advantage of me? I can’t just allow him any chance to do that!

Her actions didn’t go unnoticed by Xavier, whose smile curved deeper at this. This woman is getting more fascinating by the second.

Xavier teasingly raised his hand and patted Hannah’s shoulder. “Ms. Young, I believe that you’re also a fellow tea lover. It just so happens that my friend had gifted me some rose tea which is rich with elements good for skin complexion. Honestly, this tea doesn’t suit my taste, so I’d like to gift them to you. I’ll have my secretary pass it to you in a bit.”

Hannah’s heart hammered in her chest when Xavier’s hand first landed on her shoulder, but after hearing what he had to say, she exhaled loudly as she patted her chest and rolled her eyes with relief.

Dude! You scared the daylights out of me. While Xavier’s actions had scared her senseless, they also lightened the mood and simultaneously improved her impression of him. He’s not so bad. How does he earn himself such a reputation then?

At this, she couldn’t help but compare him to Fabian. Oh, Fabian… you’re both presidents of big companies, yet the two of you are so strikingly different.

Xavier is so refined and well-mannered. Meanwhile, you’re always so uptight. It’s as if everyone in the world has wronged you.

When the elevator doors opened, Xavier extended his arm and gentlemanly gestured for her to exit first. His arm had also considerately blocked against the elevator door in case it closed on her.

I get it now. His attentiveness to women as well as his prestigious background makes female celebrities crazy for him. He’s probably too nice to reject their advances, so he comes off as a veritable casanova in the public’s eye. Mm-hmm, this explains everything perfectly.

It was painfully obvious that Hannah’s imagination was so vivid that she managed to convince herself of such implausible reasons.

As they arrived side by side downstairs, the receptionist was convinced of her earlier suspicions. She really is the president’s new flavor of the month, but when did the president change his dating preference from pursuing all sorts of gorgeous celebrities to a mere journalist?

Xavier casually raised a hand to summon his assistant and instructed, “Pack the rose tea that Mr. Norton previously gifted me and bring it over to Ms. Young here.”

Mr. Norton? Did he mean Fabian? No way. Fabian wouldn’t gift this guy rose tea, would he? Hannah contemplated this for a moment before pushing the entire thought aside. It must be Mr. Norton from another company with the same name. Yeah, that person probably gifted the tea to Xavier.

Xavier’s assistant narrowed his eyes in confusion. A gift from Mr. Norton? Are you certain, Mr. Jackson? Why am I not aware of this?

The assistant’s face paled uncomfortably. He tapped on Xavier’s arm and leaned in to whisper, “Perhaps you’re mistaken, Mr. Jackson?”

Xavier flashed an ‘excuse me’ smile at Hannah before turning his head to growl in a lowered, hoarse voice at his assistant. ”You idiot. It’s the rose tea that I got from Finnick whilst hitting on some girls that one time.”

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