Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1080

Xavier spoke with a straight face on. It sounded like he meant every word he said, but he was the only one who knew how he truly felt.

Hannah was proactive in showing up and asking for an interview, but he had somehow turned things around. At that moment, it sounded like he asked her to help promote his company.

Still, hearing how Xavier praising her skills and her beauty got Hannah to grin happily. That was understandable. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy being complimented like that?

Hannah was shy, and her face turned to a shade of red. That made her even cuter and sweeter to Xavier.

“Mr. Jackson, your words are so kind. I was worried that I’d bother you with this interview. As for being friends… Someone as powerful as you are willing to lower your stance and be friends with a lowly worker like me. That is truly rare. I’m glad that you don’t see me in distaste. Let’s be friends.”

Hannah had been working in that industry for some time, so she had learned the social rules. She knew how to handle such questions, but she didn’t just respond politely as most experienced individuals do. Instead, she paid slightly more attention and spoke in a more considerate tone.

“Haha, that would be amazing,” replied Xavier, after chuckling aloud. His admiration toward Hannah increased yet again.

He thought that women like Hannah, who is youthful, beautiful, and intelligent, were rare. In fact, she was the only person he had ever met with all three traits. Most women he met were either pretentious creatures with greedy hearts or brainless bimbos with huge breasts. None of them attracted him.

“It’s late, and I should leave,” added Hannah. She recalled how she had to send a message to Fabian or he would rush over when he couldn’t find her at home. Things would be troublesome if he causes a scene here.

“Alright, let’s go. It’s time for me to clock off as well, so let’s head out together,” replied Xavier. If she were any other woman, she would’ve made an excuse and said she’d like to treat me to a meal to thank me. After that, she’d try to seduce me.

Hannah didn’t think much of anything. She simply nodded before exiting the place with Xavier.

“Where are you headed to? Do you need a ride?” asked Xavier, who spoke nonchalantly even though he was working hard and was taking the initiative to build a rapport with her.

If I tell him that I’m heading home, he will likely offer to drive me. It’d be awkward if I reject his offer then. I should just tell him that someone is picking me up. The worst I’d have to do under that circumstance is to wait until after he left before I grab a cab.

“Oh, there’s no need for that. Someone’s picking me up,” replied Hannah after considering the situation.

Xavier had dealt with a lot more people than Hannah had, so it was virtually impossible for him to not see through what Hannah was thinking.

Xavier secretly thought, Seriously? I bet you just don’t want me to give you a ride. Looks like I will have to bring out the big guns.

“Okay, then. I’ll leave without you since someone will be here shortly to pick you up,” said Xavier, before he stepped forward. He reached out and tried to kiss the back of her hand like a gentleman to bid her goodbye. Dozens of beautiful women had fallen for Xavier after he made that move and kissed their hands. Hence, he was rather confident about it since it had never failed him before.

However, something unexpected happened. He hadn’t even touched Hannah’s hand before someone else blocked him and slapped his hand away.

Slap! Both Hannah and Xavier turned to the source of the slap at the same time. They thought that what happened earlier was too surprising and bordering on ridiculous. Who on Earth would attack the head of the Jackson Group while standing in front of the company’s headquarters? Are they tired of breathing or something?

The two adults blurted simultaneously, “Fabian!”

In addition to being surprised, Hannah was also a little excited and happy. You came? The way she saw it was that since Fabian showed up to look for her, then it must mean that he still cared about her.

Xavier, on the other hand, was glaring with anger and suspicion. It was as if he was demanding an answer from Fabian and asking why the latter showed up to disrupt his plans.

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