Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1082

Fabian calmed down after hearing those words. His emotions clouded his judgment earlier. If he actually thought things through, he would see that there was nothing off about how the two interacted.

“You, on the other hand, are not. Do you not know that we are married? What have you done since? Have you shown me even a shred of respect? Aren’t you crossing the line a little even though we didn’t get married out of love? You got close to Yvette right in front of me and ignored me completely. Now, I finally see that the two of you are into each other. Fine, rather than us being unhappy together, why don’t we just get a divorce? It’s what you want, isn’t it? That way, you can run off into the sunset with your precious Yvette.”

Hannah’s voice turned thick with tears toward the end of her sentence. Burning tears rolled down her cheeks slowly until they reached the side of her lips and slipped into her mouth. My tears are as bitter as my life…

Turned out, she still cared. Fabian deliberately flirted with Yvette to see if Hannah would get jealous. He wanted to see if Hannah still cared about him, but she suppressed her emotions and never spoke to him about it. That got Fabian to misread the situation and assumed that Hannah didn’t care about him at all. That, in turn, prompted Fabian to pay less attention to Hannah because he didn’t want to embarrass himself.

Hearing all those words and learning that Hannah’s distant behavior was just an act… Fabian couldn’t help feeling rather pleased. Like Xavier, Fabian had countless women throwing themselves at him, but he admired Hannah’s honest and straightforward style. She was youthful and smart, but she was not calculating.

Hannah was crying so much that it was as if she was made of tears. Regret and guilt rose within Fabian, but he didn’t know how to comfort her at that moment. Hence, he had no choice but to tilt toward Hannah and open his arms to pull her into a warm hug.

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault for breaking your heart,” said Fabian. Hannah was resisting and pushing him away, but he whispered those words into her ears, anyway.

Hannah felt even worse after hearing what he said, but she held him in her arms and bawled her eyes out.

“Fabian Norton, you are a blo*dy jerk! You’re so mean. Can’t you just be a little nicer to me? I am a woman, after all. How can you bully me like that?” complained Hannah between sobs.

Fabian gently stroked her and said, “I was wrong, but I promise that you are the only one in my heart now.”

He was being honest. After an entire year of hanging out together, Fabian had developed inexplicable feelings for Hannah. He didn’t know when he started feeling that way, but the emotions he felt were overwhelming and passionate.

Hannah lay in Fabian’s arms and cried endlessly. It took her a while before she slowly calmed down.

Soon after, the car reached the entrance of their home. Fabian softly tapped Hannah’s cheeks, which were full of tears, and tried to dry them for her. “Hey, we’re home now,” said Fabian.

He had Hannah’s soft hand in his muscular hand, so she could feel just how warm his hand was.

At that moment, Hannah’s heart was brimming with conflicting emotions. She didn’t know if she was happy or sad. Why must Fabian turn over a new leaf and nurture this love just when I am about to give up all hope? Can’t he just let that hope dissipate entirely? At least then I won’t be heartbroken over this again.

Hannah never said a word. Her expression was blank, and she suspected the validity of Fabian’s earlier words. She walked stiffly like a robot and followed Fabian into the house.

Fabian stopped short the second he opened the door. He didn’t utter a word when he looked ahead in surprise. His voice carried a hint of disbelief when he called out, “Mom?”

The woman standing in the house turned around and saw the two adults. She replied calmly, “You’re both home.”

Hannah tilted her head up suddenly. She was at a loss for words, and her eyes bulged in disbelief as she looked at that woman.

Fabian’s mom? What is she doing here? Why didn’t Fabian tell me beforehand? Or did she spring her visit on him as well?

Fabian was stunned. He sounded stiff when he asked, “Mom, what brought you here?”

“What? Am I not allowed to visit my son’s place?”

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