Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1085

“I thought you were just making things up when you first told me that you’re married. I never thought that it was true. Oh well, since you’ve already signed the papers, then I can’t actually do anything or demand that you two get divorced,” said Heather in a somewhat exasperated tone.

“You are so understanding, Mom. I am the luckiest guy to be blessed with a mother like you,” said Fabian upon hearing those words. His heart finally relaxed as he secretly sighed a breath of relief. That prompted him to butter his mom up a little.

Heather rolled her eyes at Fabian before she scolded, “Also, I’ve got to talk to you about something. You’re already married, so you should behave the way all married men of the Norton family do. Be nice to your wife and stop hanging out in places like pubs and clubs. Seriously, you hit the headlines so often. Do you think that’s appropriate?”

Fabian turned speechless immediately. What the hell? She just accepted Hannah a second ago, and now she’s siding her and going against me? Isn’t the change a little too drastic?

After that, Heather nagged Fabian a little more. She mostly reminded him to be wary of his actions and words.

“Oh, by the way, the two of you have been married for so long. Set a time to invite her parents out for a meal or something. It’s about time the in-laws from both sides meet each other,” said Heather. She had actually talked about the matter a few times, but all Fabian did was offer empty promises. He never actually made any arrangement, and that delayed the meeting endlessly.

“If you keep dragging your feet like that, I will personally extend that invitation to them. It’s been a year, but the two families had never even met. How can you not be worried about it? If this matter is exposed, everyone will see us as a joke,” complained Heather.

“Okay, I will talk to Hannah about it later. You must be hungry by now. Come, let’s eat. It’s been a while since we ate together,” said Fabian quickly to change the topic. He worried that his mom would nag endlessly until the night fell.

“No. You and Hannah eat on your own. The main reason I came here was to meet up with your aunts. They invited me over for some tea, and I happen to travel past this area. Thus, I simply thought that I’d take a short detour to meet my mysterious daughter-in-law.”

After saying her piece, Heather shook her head and glared at Fabian in distaste before scolding, “Seriously, boy. Do you take yourself as the ancient emperor who hid his lover in a house of gold?”

Naturally, Fabian knew about the story of how an emperor kept his lover in a house of gold to keep her safe. He compared himself with the emperor and found that they were nothing alike. The emperor hid the woman away out of love. Fabian, on the other hand, kept Hannah a secret out of guilt.

Hannah sat on the sofa in the living room, all on her own. Her heart was beating nervously as she stared at the study. They’ve been inside for some time now. I wonder what they’re talking about.

Heather must think that I am not good enough for Fabian. Hannah kept massaging her own hand nervously and was gradually increasing her strength without noticing it. Will she demand that Fabian and I get a divorce so he can marry someone of the same social status?

I wonder how Fabian would react. Given his usual style, will he spring up and protest against his mom? Maybe he’ll scream, “No, I want to spend the rest of my life with Hannah, and no one, not even you, can stop me!”

Thinking about that got Hannah to grin happily. Unfortunately, that happiness quickly dissipated. Her beautiful image was shattered because she recalled how Fabian acted earlier when he was standing in front of Heather. He was nothing like the powerful tycoon he was. Instead, he was as tame as a fluffy sheep.

Hannah had her head down. Her gaze turned blank, and her lips slowly curved downward. Given his earlier behavior, it’s likely that he would just say, “Sure thing, Mom. I’ll divorce her. Whatever you say goes.”

Dozens of different scenarios ran past Hannah’s mind, and there were countless possibilities as far as she was concerned. Most of what she came up with was bad. A sense of uneasiness and anger swelled up within her. What gives? Why can’t people of different social statuses have love? Are we to give up our happiness because it upsets society? How ridiculous!

Click! The door to the study opened slowly. Hannah knew that meant that their discussion had come to a solution. She took a deep breath and waited quietly for the verdict.

“Hannah, come here,” requested Heather. No one could tell if Heather was happy or not, but her tone had turned much warmer.

“Mom,” greeted Hannah after deliberating the situation.

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