Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1086

Hannah walked over slowly. Everything felt a little familiar to her because she had seen it in the movies before. This is how the rich deal with things. First, they smile and ask the female lead to leave on her own accord. If the female lead refuses to do so, the story will progress with her being thrown into a series of temptations and/or threats.

Perhaps it was because Hannah watched too much tv and that got her accustomed to everything, but she felt nothing at all. She was strangely calm and even had a polite grin on her face.

Heather was very satisfied with Hannah’s performance. The former acted distantly and ignored her when they first met. However, Hannah responded with a grin, regardless of how Heather behaved. She seems genuine as well.

“Hannah, you and Fabian are married, so you are a member of the Norton family now. Build a good life with Fabian and try your best not to get into any arguments. Remember that there is nothing that a married couple can’t overcome together,” advised Heather.

She was talking as someone who had been through it all. As she spoke, she reached out slowly and held Hannah’s slender hand. Heather caressed Hannah’s hand and chuckled before complimenting, “Hmm, your hands are so soft and smooth. They much better than mine when I was younger.”

Hannah never expected any of that. She had considered the possibility that Fabian might be able to change Heather’s mind, but she assumed that Heather would still be reluctant to accept her. However, Heather showed no signs of distaste or reluctance. She definitely has no intention of demanding that Fabian and I get a divorce.

Perhaps it was because Heather had complimented her, but Hannah felt her face burning red a little. Hannah’s smile became so big that her eyes curved a little. She replied, “Mom, you have flattered me with your compliments. You’re making me blush.”

At that moment, Heather seemed sweet and kind as she smiled back. She looked at Fabian before she reverted her attention back to Hannah. She squeezed Hannah’s hand a little before letting go.

Heather took off the bracelet she had on before she reached out for Hannah again. However, she went for Hannah’s wrist instead of her hand. Heather never gave Hannah a chance to say anything before putting the bracelet on Hannah. The former looked genuinely happy, but her tone seemed a little serious.

“Hannah, you’re the daughter-in-law of the Norton family, so this should be handed to you. My mother-in-law gave it to me, and now, I am handing it to you. It’s not an expensive item, but it had been with the Norton family for generations.”

Hannah could still feel the warmth Heather left on the bracelet, and that confirmed that Hannah wasn’t dreaming. This is actually happening!

What is going on? Does this reaffirm my status as the daughter-in-law of the Norton family? Is everything really that dramatic? Shouldn’t things like these only happen in movies? Why is it happening to me?

Hannah’s jaw dropped. Tons of questions kept swirling in her mind, and she couldn’t believe anything that was happening right in front of her.

“T-this is too valuable. I can’t keep it,” replied Hannah stiffly because she didn’t have much time to consider the situation. Fabian and I only got married due to some sudden incidents. I can’t possibly accept this bracelet which carried a lot of sentimental value.

“What? Are you unwilling to be a part of the Norton family?” demanded Heather while feigning fury.

“I-I…” Hannah was at a loss for words after Heather ambushed her like that. It was as if her mind had short-circuited, and she didn’t know what to say.

Fabian signaled Hannah from the side to get her to keep the gift.

Hannah frowned deeply after receiving his signal. She sighed internally and thought, Gah, we’re already stuck in this situation. Looks like we’ll have to go with the flow.

In the end, Hannah decided to stop refusing the offer. She simply explained her previous behavior by saying, “Mom, I meant that I feel bad for keeping the bracelet because is too valuable. I didn’t mean that I don’t want to be a part of the family.”

“I’m glad to hear that. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive or not. It is fated to be yours eventually,” informed Heather with a bright smile on her face. The former was rather pleased with the latter. Fabian is right. She may not be from a rich family, but she is not scheming at all.

All Hannah could do was grin politely. Her wrist, however, felt ever so heavy. This bracelet feels heavier than a mountain. Will Heather pass out from anger if she discovers the real reason Fabian and I got married?

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