Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1087

“Alright then, Hannah. I have some other things to tend to, so I won’t be joining you and Fabian for a meal,” informed Heather. She was truly taking a liking to Hannah, so her tone was much nicer.

“Huh? You’re leaving? I made some soup just for you.”

Looks like that pot of soup is wasted. Still, that is probably for the best. Things might get awkward if we have a meal together.

Hannah could sense the immense change in Heather, but she still worried. There is no saying how Fabian and I will end up. It would be so awkward if we end up getting a divorce and I bump into Heather after that… Hence, Hannah thought that it was better if there was less interaction between the two.

Fabian and Hannah later walked Heather to the door. When they went back into the house and the door was closed, Hannah immediately took off the bracelet that Heather gave her.

Hannah put the bracelet in front of Fabian and parted her cute cherry lips to say, “Here you go.”

Fabian blurted a surprised response. A faint grin that carried a lot of meaning soon made its way to his lips. He replied, “Why are you giving it to me? My mom gave it to you. She didn’t give it to me.”

Hearing Fabian’s strange words got Hannah speechless. Your mom gave it to me, but what if we get a divorce in the future? Are you going to ask me to give it back then? Things would be so bad, and it’s better if I just give it back to you now.

“I can’t keep something like this. What if it got scratched or broken? I won’t be able to bear with the consequences,” refuted Hannah. What if your mom asks for it back after I accidentally broke it and we ended up getting a divorce? I won’t be able to get it for her. She would skin me alive then.

“I don’t care. If you insist on handing it to me, I will give it right back to my mom and tell her that you don’t want it,” replied Fabian shamelessly. A devious grin revealed itself. It’s as if he was openly taunting her. Yep, I’m being unreasonable and shameless. What are you going to do about that? Bite me?

Hannah saw right through Fabian’s expression and his words. Isn’t this a little too much?

Hannah pouted and complained, “Fabian, you shameless oaf!”

Fabian didn’t mind her diss. He simply strode to the study while commenting nonchalantly, “Didn’t you say that you have made soup? My mom left, so I’ll have some instead. I’ll head over to the study for now. Come get me once it’s ready.”

Hannah suddenly recalled that she hadn’t turned the stove off. She yelped, “Ah, the soup!” She rushed into the kitchen immediately after.

Fabian couldn’t help chuckling after hearing that. This woman is just as clueless and as silly as she has always been. That’s fine, though. It makes the place much livelier.

Fortunately, Hannah didn’t keep the fire high. If she had, the soup would’ve already been burnt.

She made a few more dishes and placed them on the table before shouting out unwillingly, “It’s ready. Come eat.”

She complained internally, Seriously, dude. You didn’t hire a maid. Instead, you married a woman. Why do I have to take care of you every day? It’s not like you’re a cripple. Why can’t you cook for yourself?

Hannah was only complaining because she was still angry with what Fabian said earlier. She wasn’t actually mad about the cooking.

Hearing Hannah’s words, Fabian got up and walked over slowly.

“Huh? Where is your bracelet?” demanded Fabian when he realized that the item that marked her as his woman was gone.

Dude, I am a journalist. Are you sure you want me to run around with that on my wrist? What if I accidentally break it? Besides, I have tons to do on a daily basis. Unlike you rich folks, I can’t just sit around in the house all day. I have to work!

“I-I took it off,” replied Hannah in a somewhat guilty tone.

Fabian looked unbothered as he ate something. He later said, “Oh, you took it off. I actually don’t mind it that much.”

Hannah couldn’t help sighing a breath of relief after hearing that. She hadn’t even finished breathing out before she heard Fabian’s voice continued speaking.

“But, as you know, I am terrible at keeping secrets, so you can’t blame me if I let slip with my mom and tell her that you haven’t been wearing it,” added Fabian calmly as he put on an innocent grin.

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