Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1089

Hannah ran. She saw the woman slipping into the elevator. The elevator doors closed when the woman finally turned around, so Hannah couldn’t see who the mysterious woman was.

Hannah sighed. She was so close to her answer, but it was still out of her reach.

With an inexplicably heavy heart, Hannah walked into the senior editor’s office and handed the documents over. “This is the information I gathered after I interviewed Xavier Jackson,” reported Hannah, “Please take a look and inform me if there is a need to edit it.”

The senior editor nodded and murmured a reply before accepting the folder and reading carefully.

Hannah couldn’t help feeling nervous when she saw how serious her senior editor was being. That interview would determine whether or not she’d keep her job. After witnessing the incident that morning, she didn’t dare to mess the interview with Xavier up.

Hannah prayed silently. Please, let everything be fine.

Soon, the senior editor finished reading everything and shifted his gaze to Hannah. No one could read his expression, so no one could tell if he was happy or angry. He simply sat there without saying a word.

Hannah felt like she was standing at the edge of a mountain and sweat kept rolling down her forehead.

Please say something, even if you want to fire me. Why punish me with that expression and the silence? Hannah was extremely nervous at that moment.

The senior editor suddenly laughed aloud, and that surprised Hannah. He said, “You did well, Hannah. I’m very happy with your work.”

Hannah tapped her chest trying to calm herself down. She turned to her senior editor and couldn’t help but complain a little, “You had an unreadable expression on and didn’t say a word. That really frightened me.”

The senior editor’s smile only became brighter after hearing Hannah’s complaint. The former said, “I was just thinking about how you are like a lucky totem. I think I should write a report about you and send it to my boss. I’ll put in a request to make you as a role model for the company and promote you to head reporter. Naturally, your salary and bonus will increase accordingly.”

Hannah got confused upon hearing that. How did I become a lucky totem? What is going on? Even if I have done well with this interview, it is not enough for the senior editor to act this way. Did the senior editor take the wrong pill or something? Why else would I be rewarded that handsomely?

“Uh… Can I ask a strange question? What happened?” asked Hannah somewhat awkwardly.

“Here’s the thing. Mr. Jackson called this afternoon and praised you endlessly. He even said that he wants to do all future interviews with you,” said the senior editor before he paused.

He then continued, “As you know, interviewing a company’s president is never an easy feat, and that is especially true for presidents of big corporations like Norton Corporation and Jackson Group. Yet, you have accomplished both and did well. Our readers care more about these heads of corporations than they do about celebrities. Hence, you have truly boosted our team’s performance. If you’re not a lucky totem, then I don’t know what is. I also plan to send a request to the higher-ups and ask them to make you interview company presidents exclusively. You won’t have to interview celebrities anymore.”

Hearing that explanation got Hannah’s heart to beat nervously. Xavier wants me to be the only one who interviews him from now on? What the hell is going on? He and Fabian seem like they are enemies. Will Fabian get angry if I interview Xavier again?

Also, interviewing company presidents exclusively? Handling Fabian alone is giving me a headache. If I have to deal with a few more company presidents, I will die of frustration.

Even though had promised to increase Hannah’s salary, she couldn’t get herself to be happy about it. The mere thought of Fabian’s furious expression got Hannah to tremble uncontrollably.

“Can I…?”


“What if…?”

“Not a chance!”

Sweat dripped down Hannah’s forehead. Can you at least let me finish my sentence before you refuse my request?

Hannah was infuriated and anxious, but there was nothing she could do or tell her boss. Fine, I’ll endure it!

“Don’t reject this offer. I am helping you realize your full potential and giving you a chance to shine within the company. This is for your own good,” informed the senior editor with a straight face on.

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