Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1090

Hah! Don’t take me as a fool. I know why you’re doing this. I can’t believe you have the audacity to say that you’re doing it for me.

The senior editor might’ve felt a little awkward after being stared at like that. He cleared her throat a little before instructing awkwardly, “Uhm, alright then. You may leave. I will assign you a new task when I hear back from the others.”

Hannah pacified herself internally. I am not defeated by evil or power but bidding my time. That’s right. I am bidding my time. I can only change the world when I am in a position of power.

Hannah went back to her office and tapped on her desk. There was no rhythm, and she was just making noise as she tapped on the desk. The voice in her heart and mind, however, her thought was in such a mess that it was a match for that noise.

Who is that mysterious woman? She works in the same building as I do, so could she be my coworker? Or my boss?

Did Fabian marry me just because the mysterious woman and I have the same job and look alike? Am I just a substitute?

What caused the conflict between Fabian and Xavier? They are both powerful figures, so it’s understandable that they’d know each other. Maybe they got into some arguments in the past, but is it really so bad that they had to get into a fight as soon as they see each other?

I have no choice and will have to interact with Xavier in the future. Will Fabian be mad about it? What do I do if he really gets upset? Do I resign from my current position?

A series of troubling questions were annoying Hannah. They were like irritating flies that buzz endlessly and refused to leave. That got Hannah utterly irritated.

The internal turmoil within Hannah prompted her to toss the documents on her desk right into the bin beside her. This is all your fault, Xavier Jackson. Nothing good ever comes when you show up.

The more Hannah thought about it, the more she saw Xavier as a harbinger of misfortune. The first time she met him, someone splashed wine all over her and got her disheveled. Their second meeting got Fabian to misread their relationship and argued with her.

Xavier was giving his assistant some instructions when he suddenly sneezed twice. He rubbed his own nose and cussed, “Huh? Who dares to complain about me behind my back?”

“No one would dare to complain about you behind your back, my dear Mr. Jackson. I bet you just spent too much effort with a random celebrity last night and that weakened your immune system,” said the assistant, who didn’t hold back when teasing him.

Xavier’s expression changed for the worse. He slapped the back of the assistant’s head before warning, “You are getting more and more annoying, you punk. Looks like I will have to reassign you to Paul and have him teach you some manners. He can also train you to be a better assistant.”

The assistant kept massaging the back of his own head after being slapped like that. He said fearfully, “I’ve learned my mistake, Mr. Jackson. Please don’t reassign me to Paul.”

The assistant had heard all about the horror stories surrounding Paul. Even if I somehow survive through his training, I would go insane.

“Put your hand down,” requested Xavier calmly.

The assistant was still a little scared after being slapped. He shook his head and asked, “Huh? Why?”

“So I can check and see if you’re fine!”

“Oh, it’s nothing. It just stings a little…”

The assistant hadn’t even finished speaking before Xavier lifted his palm and smacked the back of his assistant’s head again.

“Go do as I instructed now if you don’t want to be reassigned to Paul.”

The assistant yelped in pain. Unfortunately, he was terrified of Paul, so he quickly replied, “I will go work on it right away, Mr. Jackson.”

Xavier grinned a strange grin. No one knew what he was thinking, but his eyes glowed evilly.

Hannah was in a daze when someone knocked on the door to her office.

“Come in,” said Hannah, after she quickly got herself together.

The door was opened soon after and a colleague entered to say, “The senior editor asked you to compile all the information surrounding the interview with Jackson Group’s president. After that, he wants you to go to his office.”

“Okay, got it,” replied Hannah. She shook her head and thought to herself, Why are you overthinking everything? The most important thing right now is to get your job done.

After her colleague left, Hannah retrieved the documents from the dustbin and complained, “Xavier Jackson, you are just like a haunting nightmare!”

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