Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1091

After what seemed like forever, Hannah pushed the files aside and did some stretching. She muttered, “I’m finally done with this. It’s quite a challenge to write an article about the president. It’s got to be juicy enough to capture the readers’ attention, yet I can’t reveal too much information in order to keep everyone in suspense.”

Hannah was delighted. Thank God I’m experienced in this. Otherwise, I might tread on some people’s toes.

She brought along the finalized article to Bob’s office in trepidation. This room is the origin of all problems. Every time I step foot into the office, I’ll walk out with a series of issues.

“Mr. Dijon, this is my edited document. For your perusal.”

After reading it, Bob nodded to acknowledge Hannah’s good work. “Please personally send this to Mr. Jackson’s company for him to go through.”

Huh? Why is there a need to make a trip to his office? Can’t this be done via a phone call?

Hannah mumbled to herself, “So troublesome.”

Bob seemed to have heard her remark and emphasized, “You don’t need to return to the office once the article is confirmed. Leave a copy here. Just call if there’s anything to amend further. All right, you may go now.”

This gesture is too small to be counted as bribery. I won’t fall for that.

“Noted,” Hannah responded briefly and left.

As she walked back to the common area, she was astonished to see a familiar back profile appearing before her eyes. She had been dying to discover who that person was.

Out of instinct, she yelled out immediately, “Hey, hold on!”

Everyone shot bewildered stares at her. It was only then that she realized what she had done.

Since she had drawn unwanted attention to herself, she could only bite the bullet and continued with the next step.

Whose enchanting back profile could this be? I can already feel her extraordinary aura exuding from afar. She’s definitely a gorgeous lady. Hannah was looking forward to finding out the identity of the special person.

She braved the doubtful gaze of the crowd and asked, “Why are you here?”

Her main intention was to make the woman turn around so that she could see her face. Her back looks so familiar. I’m pretty sure we either know each other or have at least met somewhere. I guess it wasn’t too awkward for me to call out to her like this, right? It’s better than directly requesting her to show her face.

Upon hearing Hannah’s voice, the woman stopped in her tracks. Slowly, she turned around.

Hannah widened her eyes and stared at her face intensely.

Vivian Morrison, the big boss! How could this be? The discovery was a bolt from the blue. Oh my goodness, I even asked her to wait for me and questioned her presence here.

She finally realized why everyone’s gaze was fixated on her. Anyone who dares to address the Chief Editor like I did in public would automatically enjoy this unique treatment.

The crowd started chattering and discussing.

“What do you think you’re doing, Hannah? How dare you call upon the Chief Editor in this manner?”

“Hannah thinks that she’s received a permanent immunity to all workplace courtesy since she’s completed exclusive interviews with two presidents. She even made the Chief Editor wait for her and has the cheek to initiate a small talk like nothing happened.”

“She’s got some nerve but clearly doesn’t know who she’s dealing with. Do you think Fabian can save her this time?”

Tittle-tattles were heard all over the office.

Hannah was deemed as a clown for being rude to the Chief Editor. All the staff assumed that she was so full of herself because she had the backing of Fabian.

They were anticipating a strict rebuke from the Chief Editor. She’s one of the higher-ups. If others follow in Hannah’s footsteps and talk to her without showing any respect, what does that say about her leadership?

Frowning, Vivian did not look too happy. She cast a look at Hannah, and it made her feel very uncomfortable.

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