Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1092

Hannah could sense Vivian’s displeasure and panicked. “I’m sorry, Ms. Morrison. I… I didn’t know it was you. I… I mistook you for someone else I know.”

Crap! How unlucky could I get? The Chief Editor only comes over to our office once in a blue moon. Yet, this awkward episode has to happen. How could I have mistaken her as the mysterious lady?

Curiosity kills the cat. Hannah Young, oh Hannah Young, why did you act rashly? I could have just followed her to find out if she was the mysterious lady. Instead, I chose to yell at her in front of so many people. That’s it. I’m doomed.

Ms. Morrison, please forgive me this once. Hannah pleaded in her heart.

Upon hearing Hannah’s explanation, Vivian’s expression softened. “Come with me.”

Bowing her head, Hannah trailed behind Vivian and exited the place.

As they strode out, inaudible murmurs began to fill the office.

They came to a hallway. Fidgeting her fingers behind her back, Hannah tried to explain herself again, “Ms. Morrison, I’m really sorry. I…”

Turning around, Vivian interrupted her, “I understand. You don’t have to explain further, Hannah. It’s not uncommon to mistake someone for another person.”

With a face full of gratitude, Hannah quickly responded, “Ms. Morrison, you… you’re truly magnanimous.”

Vivian shook her head. “I’ve been through what you’re experiencing now. You’ve just started your career and might not be able to handle some matters well. It takes a while to get used to it. Don’t be bothered by gossips. Just focus on your work.”

Vivian had always been a nice boss toward her subordinates. In her current position, she held her staff to high expectations and would criticize them objectively when they made a mistake. That was her management style.

Hannah looked at Vivian in disbelief. The notorious Chief Editor is giving me advice instead of a piece of her mind? Am I dreaming? Even if It’s a dream, it’s an unrealistic one.

Vivian could see through Hannah’s qualms. Smiling, she said to her, “All right, don’t overthink things. Go ahead and carry on with your work.”

“Oh, okay, Ms. Morrison. I’ll get back to my work now,” Hannah replied softly.

Vivian nodded before leaving.

Standing rooted to the spot, Hannah sank into deep thoughts. The impression Vivian left on Hannah made the latter fonder of her. It looks like she isn’t that scary after all. Not only is she a beautiful and understanding boss, but she’s also quite encouraging. She’s truly a rare gem.

Hannah then recalled seeing Vivian’s photo in Fabian’s book and felt that it wasn’t a coincidence. Then, the scene of Fabian addressing Vivian by her first name flashed across her mind. Their relationship is definitely more than just colleagues. Does he like her? Otherwise, why would he address her that way? If that’s the case, what should I do?

Hannah’s mind was in disarray.

Stomping her feet, she shook her head fiercely and said to herself, “This is so annoying! I’m not going to think about it anymore.”

“Mr. Jackson, this is all the information on Hannah Young.” Xavier’s assistant presented the document to him with the assumption that he was interested in the girl.

Xavier skimmed through the document and shot a glance at his assistant. “Since when did you see me reading up information before picking up girls?”

“Noted.” The assistant hurriedly retrieved the document.

Lowering his head, Xavier ran his finger across his forehead, seemingly engaged in a deep reflection. Suddenly, he raised his head, and a twinkle appeared in his eye. “Please help me select a gift.”

The assistant hesitated but regained his senses very quickly as he understood Xavier’s intention.

The car gradually slowed down and finally stopped in front of the Jackson Group office building. Hannah unlocked the car door and got out of it.

“Please come with me, Ms. Young.” The receptionist welcomed Hannah warmly as per the orders given by Xavier in advance.

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