Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1094

Initially, Hannah wanted to come up with an excuse to reject his offer, and she thought that a man of his status would only eat at certain high-end places. However, his response took her by surprise, and she could not find another reason to say no.

Following behind Xavier, Hannah sent a text message to Fabian and informed him that she would not be eating at home. After hesitating, she switched her phone to silent mode.

Xavier quickened his pace. When approaching the entrance, he shot a glance at his assistant and asked, “Is everything ready?”

“Don’t you worry, Mr. Jackson. The big surprise is going to make her go wow!” he said excitedly and waited for Xavier to compliment him.

To his dismay, Xavier neglected him and lifted his head to see whether Hannah had caught up with him.

Like a gentleman, Xavier held the door open for her and then leaned over to signal her to exit first. Hannah smiled at his sweet gesture.

From a menial matter like this, Hannah could tell that Xavier took care of her really well, and she became fonder of him. Like he said, it’s nice to have a friend like that.

Right when she stepped out of the company entrance and was about to go down the steps, a ray of light shone into her eyes. Covering her eyes with her hands, she tried to see ahead from different angles.

As she looked into the distance, her pupils immediately widened as a result of being stimulated by what she saw. At that instance, she felt as if a blazing fire was burning within her while its raging flames enveloped her entire body, making her blood pump with excitement.

A metallic silver sports car had arrived at the entrance of Jackson Group. Under the bright sunlight, its automatic door flung open, looking like an angel flipping its wing. Hannah stared at the car admiringly before dashing toward it.

Who’s so flashy? Oh well, who cares? Since the Porsche GT is parked here, I’m going over to snap a picture. Here I come, baby!

Xavier frowned slightly. Isn’t this the car I bought last month? Why is it here?

“Did you get someone to drive it here?” he asked his assistant.

Nodding, the assistant explained, “Yes, I did, Mr. Jackson. I studied the information that you didn’t bother to read and discovered something interesting. Hannah is very passionate about sports cars. Take a look at her expression now. Oh, I think she loves it. I’m sure she’s going to marry you right away when she finds out it’s your gift to her.”

His assistant became thrilled as he spoke. He squinted his eyes at Xavier. “What do you think of my idea, Mr. Jackson? You don’t have to reward me, but I know it’s very uncharacteristic of you not to reward your staff. So, how about granting me two days of leave…”

He stopped and held back the rest of his words when he saw that Xavier’s expression darkened. There was a hint of anger flashing across Xavier’s eyes, which felt like daggers shooting at him, sending a cold chill down his spine.

Looking dismal, Xavier landed a slap on the back of his assistant’s head.

“You prepared the Porsche FT as a gift for Hannah? You’re stupid beyond words!” Xavier went ballistic.

Boss, could you hit a different part next time, please? I feel that the back of my head is going to have a weird concave shape soon. Sorry, Hannah, but it looks like you’re not good enough for a sports car, after all.

He justified, “Mr. Jackson, I thought you’ve fallen head over heels for Hannah, so I thought this would be the best gift for her. Sorry, I’ll prepare a cheaper present.”

His response made Xavier’s blood boil. When did he become such a pain in the neck? He’s usually very quick-witted. Why doesn’t he get me recently?

Xavier gave him a kick. “You’re worse than a fool. Use your brain and think about it. Hannah and I are merely friends right now. Knowing her, do you think she will accept such an expensive gift from me?”

The assistant exclaimed as he finally realized his mistake, “Oh no! Why didn’t I think of this?”

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