Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1096

After a few spins, Hannah got used to maneuvering it, and she picked up speed. Under Xavier’s guidance, they arrived at a barbeque restaurant.

“What’s the point of summer if we don’t eat to our hearts’ content at an open-air barbeque place?”

It was obvious that Xavier frequented this sort of eatery, which Hannah found strange. Why does a man born with a silver spoon eat at a regular eatery like any Tom, Dick, and Harry? Shouldn’t it be like how they portray it in the dramas, with the rich and famous commenting on how this kind of food can cause cancer? Why does he eat it?

The luxurious sports car stood out like a sore thumb. All the customers gawked like how Hannah did when she first saw it. Immediately, both of them were thrust into the limelight.

Wearing an iconic smile on his face, Xavier walked around casually. On the contrary, Hannah felt rather uneasy at first. But soon, his calm composure rubbed off on her, and she felt more at ease.

He placed the orders adeptly and even included beer. “Pairing barbeque with a glass of icy cold beer is epic, an ultimate enjoyment!”

They had a lovely time eating and chatting. His humor often made her laugh in a boisterous manner.

She began to like his personality and found him amusing. Though rich, his interests are similar to mine.

Time flew by when they were having a jolly good time. Hannah took a glance at her watch and realized it was getting late. She fished for her phone, worried that Fabian might be looking for her.

Oh my, twenty-eight missed calls! Two were from the senior editor while the rest were from Fabian. Mr. Dijon was probably calling because Fabian asked about me.

Sh*t! I’m dead this time.

Hannah had ants in her pants, albeit appearing to be paying attention to the animated Xavier who was telling his stories. He’s not going to stop any time soon, is he? I wonder what time it will be when we finish eating.

Droplets of sweat rolled down from Hannah’s forehead to her temple. Out of concern, Xavier asked, “Are you feeling all right?”

I’m not unwell, I’m just scared! Oh, you’ll never understand this.

Suddenly, a lightbulb moment occurred to Hannah, and she decided to use the opportunity to her advantage by admitting that she was not feeling well. With this, I should be able to leave early and go back to Fabian.

“Yes, Mr. Jackson, I’m feeling a bit sick. Shall we call it a night?” She pretended to be frail and feeble.

“All right. I shall drive you home first.” Xavier handed a few napkins to her. He then cleaned himself and got up to leave.

“There’s no need for that. I live nearby, so I can go back on my own,” said Hannah with a guilty conscience.

I won’t risk having Fabian see Xavier sending me home. Who knows what will happen then!

Xavier had met with countless women, so naturally, he knew when to press on or otherwise. Although he was worried for Hannah, he also feared leaving a bad impression on her. Hence, he obliged.

“In that case, please be extra careful on the road.” He passed a gift box to Hannah.

“This is a book that I’ve been reading recently. I think it’s a good one, so I want you to have it.” His assistant had prepared a meaningful present on his behalf; one that was sophisticated and classy but not flashy.

“Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Jackson. Sorry about taking an early leave. Let’s meet up again when you’re free.” Hannah could not come up with an excuse to decline the gift. I can’t say that I dislike reading, can I?

“No worries. Till the next time.” Is she rejecting me because of Fabian?

It was already late in the evening when Hannah arrived home. Fabian was waiting for her patiently in the living room.

As soon as she entered, she was greeted by Fabian’s dark brown eyes, which were as deep as an abyss. With his fingers interlocked, he threw a question at her domineeringly, “What were you up to?”

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