Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1098

However, Fabian remained unperturbed. He even exposed her dirty trick, “Don’t you try to con me. You can try, but eventually, you’ll still be the one on the losing end.”

Eventually, you’ll still be the one on the losing end.

Eventually, you’ll still be the one on the losing end.

The threatening words kept replaying in Hannah’s mind like a broken record.

Every time a similar sentence as such came out from Fabian’s mouth, Hannah would get goosebumps and tremble like she had some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Seeing her looking aggrieved with her head hung low and her limbs slumped on the sofa, Fabian changed the topic, “Actually, it’s not impossible for me to think of an alternative to settle this for you if…”

His words lifted her spirit. As long as Fabian is willing to put on his thinking cap, the problem can definitely be resolved amicably.

Immediately, she propped herself up and asked, “If what?”

“If you give me some excellent room service tonight. When I feel good, I can come up with a brilliant plan for you,” he teased her.

What a shameless guy! All he can think of is to take advantage of me. Where is his conscience? He’s such a nuisance.

She clenched her fists and swung them in the air, looking like she was ready to pick a fight with him. “I’m more than happy to teach perverts like you a lesson to remember for life!”

“It’s up to you. Choose wisely.” Fabian got up and darted into her room.

She felt so frustrated. Did he just walk out on me? Oh, does he think I’ll compromise? No way. I’ll just sleep in the living room tonight and binge on my romantic drama.

Hannah shot an indignant glare at her own room as if it could penetrate the door and reach Fabian.

“Whatever. I’m going to take a shower and then enjoy a date with the handsome drama male lead,” she said triumphantly.

Moments later, Hannah came out of the shower in a pink nightdress and sat in front of the television.

Flipping through the channels, she was slightly disappointed that there was no eye candy in the drama. To make matters worse, there was no big and comfy bed for her to sleep in either. She was fighting the urge to return to her bedroom.

But if I enter the room now, it would mean I’m admitting defeat. That won’t do. I must persist.

Switching off the television, she covered herself with a blanket.

Just go to sleep… Tomorrow is a brand new day.

Hannah was turning and tossing around on the sofa. As soon as she shut her eyes, she was haunted by the image of her parents interrogating her about her secret marriage, and she had difficulty falling asleep.

Annoyed, she chucked the blanket away and complained, “The sofa is not comfortable at all! Why should I sleep here while you have the whole bedroom to yourself? Hmph!”

She had compromised unknowingly. It was just that she refused to admit it because of her pride.

She tiptoed to her bedroom door and gently opened it. Why must I act like a ninja to enter my own bedroom?

Scanning the room through the aperture, she saw a motionless Fabian on the bed and assumed that he had fallen asleep.

Click! She shut the door behind her.

Pressing her lips into a thin line, she did her best not to let out a sound and even controlled her breathing. Carefully, she strode toward her bed with pin-drop silence.

But as soon as she landed herself on her bed, she was gripped by immense shock when Fabian turned to her.


Why isn’t he asleep yet? Did I wake him up?

“Why are you shouting?” he asked disapprovingly.

Why not? You scared the living daylights out of me.

“I… I… Nothing.” She could only grumble in her heart because she still needed his help to come up with a plan for her.

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