Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1100

Upon hearing that, she relaxed her brows. However, she did not feel delighted. As long as Mr. Dijon doesn’t pick on me, I’m fine even if there’s no chance of a promotion or a pay raise.

Let’s get this done and over with, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

With a glum look, she walked into Bob’s office.

Her sudden appearance startled him, so the latter gave her a sharp gaze that made her feel nervous.

Must he look at me this way? While Hannah was complaining in her heart, she noticed that there was another man in the office.

The man had his back to Hannah, so she could not see his face. That man must be a very important guest. Otherwise, Mr. Dijon wouldn’t have glared at me like that.

Why am I always in trouble when I enter his office?

Hannah bowed to apologize, “I’m sorry, Mr. Dijon, I didn’t know you have a guest with you. I’ll leave the room immediately.”

Right when she was about to scurry for cover, the man spoke in a rather upset tone, “Mr. Dijon, I don’t think there’s a need for that, right?”

Bob plastered a smile on his face and tried to butter up his guest, “Of course, Mr. Jackson.”

Then, he turned to Hannah. “Hannah, why should you leave? You’re our star employee. I can’t even thank you enough for the work you’ve done. Quick, come over here and have a seat. I’ve got something to discuss with you.”

The cloying side of Bob gave Hannah goosebumps. Her gaze fell on the special guest.

Mr. Jackson? That voice sounds so familiar but so distant. Is that really him?

The mysterious man slowly turned his chair around to face her.

Xavier Jackson! Why is he here at our company? Is he visiting? Obviously not. Why would he do so?

“Ms. Young, we meet again,” he greeted her gently with his signature smile.

“Good day, Mr. Jackson,” Hannah responded politely. She then turned to Mr. Dijon, who was behaving deferentially toward Xavier.

Hannah did not expect that. Mr. Dijon has the highest authority within our team, and he has always been very strict with us. But now, he is boot-licking Xavier. Tsk…

However, as Hannah put herself in Bob’s shoes, she could understand why he acted differently in front of Xavier. Faced with a more powerful influence, he has no choice but to stoop lower. Xavier is the president of one of the four major corporations in the nation. That identity alone would attract sycophants.

Mr. Dijon had guessed what Hannah was perceiving from the brief interaction they had. Hannah must be finding it weird to see me flattering and fawning others. Well, this is the reality. She’ll understand it eventually.

“Um… Hannah, I have good news for you.” Bob disregarded Hannah’s view of him. He only wanted Hannah to work hard and create significant value for the company.

“Yesterday, I’ve updated the top management about your work performance thus far. The Chief Editor is outrightly pleased with it and has decided to promote you. Henceforth, you’re the second-in-command of our team.”

Hannah had mixed emotions about this. A glint of happiness flashed across her eyes, which also contained a hint of sorrow. I’ve been working extremely hard, completing all tasks within my remit for two years, but my effort was never acknowledged by the top management, and this time, I’m promoted because I managed to score interviews with Fabian and Xavier. So what does that say about my previous hard work? Is backing necessary in order to be promoted? Is that how things work nowadays?

Anyhow, I’m finally reaping what I sowed.

“Oh yes, Hannah, the top management plans to allocate two assistants to help you conduct exclusive interviews with experts in the business circle. The memo has been sent out, and we’ll announce it officially in a meeting later. You can select anyone in our team as your assistants. Whoever they are, I’ll transfer them over to assist you,” Bob informed her.

Huh? Is this for real? Hannah was taken aback by the good news relayed to her. Mr. Dijon did mention something like this beforehand, but I thought he was just trying to encourage me to work harder. Who would have known that they’ve actually issued a memo?

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