Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1101

“Mr. Dijon, are you sure this is the best decision? I’m afraid I can’t do the job well.” Hannah was not confident about the promotion.

Hannah had been yearning for an opportunity to advance further in her career. However, she knew that the promotion this time had a hidden agenda.

It is highly likely that the bosses want me to capitalize on my connections with Fabian and Xavier to obtain more exclusive interviews with presidents of other companies. They might not mind it, but I can’t bring myself to take advantage of them. I’m really bothered by it. If this is the case, I’d rather not accept the promotion.

“We’ve witnessed your growth and contributions. You’ve been doing a lot of upskilling. Why would you say you’re not able to handle the job? Moreover, the top management has made this decision because they believe in your capabilities. You just need to do your best. Don’t worry about the outcome. Besides, this might be your one-in-a-million chance in this company, so don’t reject it.”

Bob continued to persuade Hannah as he would not accept no as an answer. After all, he was the one who proposed it to Vivian in hopes of raising the team’s key performance index and fishing some benefits for himself.

Seeing that Bob was so persistent, Hannah sighed as she knew that he had her wrapped around his little finger. Hence, she had no choice but to agree, “All right, I’ll try it out and continue to do my part for the company. Please show me grace if I make any mistakes and extend your understanding for areas that I need to improve on.”

Hannah leveraged on Xavier’s presence and said the last line on purpose. That way, she could claim that she had apprised Bob if her work was not up to expectations.

“Sure thing. As long as you give your best in all that you do, I’ll render my support any time.” Bob was relieved. Had Hannah rejected being the second-in-command, it would have ruined my plans.

“Mr. Dijon, regarding what we discussed earlier…” Xavier asked.

“Don’t worry about it, Mr. Jackson. I’ll see that your orders are carried out accordingly. I’m sure it will turn out to be a pleasant collaboration.” Hannah found Bob’s two-faced attitude questionable.

What did Xavier say to Mr. Dijon? What made him change so quickly? This is the very first time I see Mr. Dijon being so obliging. Perhaps Xavier has given him an irresistible offer? Anyway, it’s impossible for me to find out from him. I shall ask Xavier one day. He should be willing to share the piece of information with me, right?

Xavier replied casually, “Very well. Since you’ve got other arrangements, I’ll take my leave now.”

Xavier grinned from ear to ear as he walked past Hannah. In a soft voice, he said to her, “Congratulations on your promotion.”

Hannah nodded as a response. She found herself in a quandary. Fabian is my husband, whereas Xavier is a good friend, but I’ve used them as a springboard to advance my career. Will they think of me this way too?

Xavier left the office, leaving only Bob and Hannah in the room. Wearing a dull expression, Hannah squinted her eyes as she stood rooted to the spot, seemingly in deep thought.

Bob scrutinized Hannah inquisitively. What charm does this woman have that all the presidents keep coming to us with an offer? I really can’t tell. But I sure hope that she won’t lose herself in the pursuit of material things. Loving oneself and living life to the fullest should be the main priorities instead.

Bob coughed lightly to alert Hannah. “You’ll have to work even harder, Hannah. It’s a realistic world, so you need to ensure that you have strong competencies to gain competitive advantages. Conversely, relying on others won’t get you very far.”

Out of concern for a young rookie, Bob shared his word of wisdom.

“Rest assured, Mr. Dijon. I’ll focus on my job and do it right,” Hannah gave a serious response while looking straight into Bob’s eyes. She could read between the lines and understood Bob’s good intentions.

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