Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1103

Hannah did not expect her to answer without any hesitation. It’s nice to be young, decisive, and worry-free.

“Great! Rest assured that I’ll take care of you.”

As the two approached the meeting room, Hannah said, “I’ll inform Mr. Dijon. Let’s go in first.”

The tittle-tattles gradually stopped as people entered the meeting room. Lastly, Bob walked in.

All staff were present, except for a few who were occupied with on-site duty. Bob cleared his throat and started announcing loudly, “I gathered everyone here today because I have something to proclaim.”

He paused for a bit to check that everyone was listening attentively and that all eyes were on him. “After a thorough discussion between all departments and the Chief Editor, the company has decided to promote Hannah Young as the deputy team leader.”

Upon hearing that, the staff exchanged suspicious glances and gossiped under their breath, “Hey, what’s your view on this? Did she get the promotion because of Fabian?”

“What? Your news is outdated. Haven’t you heard that she’s now hooked up with the heir of the Jackson family?”

“Is that true? What’s so great about her that all the presidents are falling head over heels for her?”

Hannah overheard their whispers, but she was not bothered by it. Come what may, my conscience is clear.

“Silence!” Bob roared, feeling very displeased with the ruckus.

Soon, the crowd quietened down and waited for Bob to continue his speech.

“Hannah has joined the company for over two years now. We’ve all witnessed her hard work and effort put into each task. For me, she truly deserves this promotion.”

With that said, nobody dared to refute further. Even if it was deemed an unfair decision, one had no choice but to accept it. Protesting openly at that moment would only make the person stick out like a sore thumb and be pinned as a target.

“She’s done exceptionally well in conducting exclusive interviews with company presidents. Therefore, the top management has decided to have a couple of staff work with her on future interviews.”

His words put Hannah in a bad light again. The past year had seen the proliferation of magazine companies. Coupled with the speed of online media breaking juicy news in a viral manner, it became harder for magazine companies to create a frenzy through print publications. Therefore, news worthy of the cover page were now interviews with corporate presidents.

With Hannah being appointed to interview various presidents, what would be left for the others? Hence, the rest of the team stared daggers at her and treated her as their rival.

Hannah realized the problem. If a staff member is selected to join me in interviewing a president, there’s no guarantee that the interview will be a hit. After all, the scope is quite limited, and the company presidents are often proud and contemptuous. However, if the staff member refuses to work with me, he’ll definitely lose a great opportunity.

Hannah groaned. Mr. Dijon, you placed me in a tight spot. Not only have I been pushed to the cusp of the storm, but I also became a target of public criticism.

“Anyone has an opinion on that? If not, the meeting is adjourned,” Bob asked superficially.

What a joke! Who would dare to criticize the company’s decision openly? Nobody is courageous enough to utter an additional word, let alone question the credibility of Hannah’s promotion. Doing so is downright foolish.

Knowing that the Chief Editor had recommended so, the staff shut their mouths tightly and hid away their disapproving expressions.

Seeing that there was no objection, Bob left the meeting room.

Hannah felt sullen as she watched his leaving figure. Mr. Dijon, how kind of you to leave right after the announcement. Why didn’t you take me with you? The team is fearful of you but not me…

Just as Hannah had predicted, the moment Bob left the room, the staff started bombarding her with comments.

“Hannah, why did you do this to us? We may not be good friends, but we’re colleagues, and we’ve not offended each other. How do you expect us to continue working here now?” a lady stood up and yelled at Hannah.

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