Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1107

Smirking, Xavier teased her, “Why not? That’s what you said. I must do my best to satisfy all of Ms. Young’s fervent requests.”

Then, he purposely said to his assistant, “Found the best restaurant for a buffet? I need to bring Ms. Young there to eat until the place shuts its door. If the food is not good, you’re going to get it.”

Eat the whole night? What’s Mr. Jackson plotting? Is this a new tactic to pick up girls? I need to learn this. It might come in handy.

“Mr. Jackson, I’ve surveyed all the restaurants within the ten-mile radius. There is a good one ahead. I’ll drive you there now.”

Upon hearing that, Xavier grinned from ear to ear. He shot a gaze at Hannah as if proclaiming to her that he meant business.

Hannah was dumbstruck, unable to utter a word.

You sure you want to eat buffet? The whole night? Boy, I was just kidding. Why did you take it to heart? Looks like I can’t afford to pull his leg.

After some time, they arrived at their destination, and Hannah trailed behind Xavier. It was her suggestion, so she had to bite the bullet.

The restaurant was the biggest one that Hannah had been to. They had very luxurious decorations and a wide array of dishes. Needless to say, a place as such would definitely be very popular.

If it were any other day, Hannah would have entered the restaurant bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But it was different this time as she did not have the appetite to savor the food there. Every time I think about eating here for the entire night, I feel lackadaisical.

Walking past the entrance, she noticed that the restaurant did not implement a time limit for each customer. Oh my, this can go on all night. Sigh.

They found themselves a quiet corner and sat down. As for placing the order, they gave the task to the unlucky assistant.

He was flipping through Hannah’s file to check her favorite food before he placed the orders.

Seeing how busy the assistant got, Hannah felt slightly sorry for him. I never knew that an assistant could serve such a purpose.

As Hannah consumed the food in front of her, she chatted about everything under the sky with Xavier. Reflecting on all that had happened earlier that day and how they ended up enjoying the buffet together, Hannah found it rather bizarre.

Suddenly, she thought of something, and her body trembled reflexively. Staring at Xavier, she fell into a trance.

Flabbergasted, Xavier served her some food and then asked, “What’s wrong? You don’t like this dish?”

Xavier noticed that she was rather distracted and thought that she was still dwelling on the untoward incident which happened in the morning. It will take some time for her to get over it.

“No. Um… yes.” She felt bashful, not used to having other men serve her food.

I need to remind myself to keep a distance from him. I’m married!

Feeling awkward, she changed the topic, “Right, I overheard your phone conversation this morning. You know our chief editor?”

“You mean Vivian?” Xavier asked to confirm. Seeing that she was gradually getting into the mood again, he responded swiftly, “I know a lot about her.”

Hannah became an eager beaver and leaned over, waiting for him to share more.

He took his own sweet time to have a few sips of his drink before continuing, “She’s the wife of my best friend. They always stick together like glue. A very loving couple. That’s how I got to know her.”

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