Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1108

From Xavier’s phone conversation earlier, Hannah could more or less figure it out. Therefore, when she heard Xavier’s response, she did not get all excited. On the contrary, she was a little disappointed because she thought Xavier had more juicy details to share, judging from his tone earlier.

Narrowing his eyes, Xavier let out a smile. Then he shook his head. “It’s been a while since I last met up with Finnick. Oh, by the way, he’s the one who gave me the rose tea.”

“Finnick? What’s his relationship with Fabian?” Hannah blurted her thoughts out.

Hearing the name, Xavier’s gaze turned cold. He put on a stern look and clenched his fists as if he was crushing Fabian with his bare hands.

Fabian… Do you enjoy competing with me for women? Sure, I’ll fight you till the end. You lost the last time, and I’ll make sure it’s the same ending for you this time.

Soon, he suppressed his emotions and brushed his hair backward. “Finnick is Fabian’s uncle.”

It was only then that Hannah realized she had asked Xavier an insensitive question. She was dumbstruck when she learned that Vivian was the wife of Fabian’s uncle. Does that mean Ms. Morrison is Fabian’s aunt?

Then again, Ms. Morrison’s quite young. Why did she marry someone much older than her? Was it for money? Or does she have a fetish for older men and fell in love with Fabian’s uncle?

Oh my goodness, this is insane! I didn’t expect Ms. Morrison to be…

But why did Fabian address Ms. Morrison by her first name? Something isn’t right. I’m sure there’s something going on between them. I must find out more. Hannah was getting inquisitive. “Then, what’s the relationship between Fabian and Ms. Morrison?”

Xavier huffed as he tried to hold himself together. Then, he said calmly, “Fabian tried to court your chief editor previously, and he almost succeeded.”

Thud! The utensil fell from Hannah’s hand, and she quickly picked it up while trying to conceal the glint of sadness that flashed across her eyes. Lowering her head, she muttered, “Oops, why do I have shaky hands? C-Carry on…”

Xavier sighed. You have a soft spot for Fabian, don’t you? He’s not worthy of your love. Don’t worry. I’ll gradually make you fall in love with me.

Initially, he just wanted to mess with Fabian, so he competed with the latter for Hannah. But somehow, he found himself falling for her. Perhaps he was attracted to her innocence and purity, which were rarely found in other girls.

Packing his emotions up, Xavier said in retrospect, “Well, it’s a long story… Fabian then started wooing Vivian… In the end, the two became a couple.”

He took another sip of his drink before saying indifferently, “Unexpectedly, he dumped Vivian and dated Belinda. My friend Finnick, who’s his uncle, married Vivian later on. However, he made a big fuss over it. Then, the rest is history.”

That’s quite a story. Why did Fabian dump Vivian? He’s not that kind of person. Moreover, he just secretly stared at her photo the night before. It goes to show that he hasn’t let her go. I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding of some sort.

Was that how Xavier’s conflict with Fabian started? Xavier is Finnick’s best friend, and Fabian caused havoc during Finnick’s wedding. That’s probably why Xavier sees Fabian as a rival. However, someone as haughty as Fabian would never back down, even when faced with a domineering figure like Xavier.

If the contention between them is resolved, will everything go back to normal?

“I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding!” Hannah roared as if she was defending Fabian.

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