Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1110

Hannah arrived home not long after, opening the door to the darkness of an empty house. She proceeded to turn on the lights as she figured Fabian would be back real soon.

“Hello? Where are you?” Hannah gave Fabian a call nonetheless.

“I’m outside having dinner with some business partners, don’t wait up for me and eat first. Alright, bye.”

The call ended as soon as Fabian finished his sentence. There was no room for Hannah to utter even a single word.

No wonder he hadn’t call me. He’s been busy. Hannah loosened up with that in mind. She was initially worried that Fabian would question where she was the entire day, but that concern was replaced by disappointment. He really couldn’t give me even a single call?

Alone, Hannah went on to have dinner before she took a bath.

After that, she curled up on the couch and turned on the television, watching the programs with a hint of sadness on her face.

Fabian must still have feelings for Vivian. Yeah. She’s beautiful, elegant, and has the status to match his. It’s no wonder he’d like her.

Hannah’s mind started wandering off. I’m the fool here for thinking that I could go on living with Fabian like this. Hannah Young, just look at yourself! Who do you think you are and what do you have to offer? She believed that there was no way she could even compare herself to Vivian.

Huh. The man I’m with is in love with another woman. How ironic. It was all just my wishful thinking. He has never made any promise but I still ended up fantasizing about it.

Things were getting gloom.

Why didn’t you tell me sooner, Fabian? Why did you have to wait for me to fall in love with you? If you had told me earlier that you still loved her, I would’ve never allowed myself to for fall you.

With all those thoughts in her head, Hannah started sobbing. Her body shivered and twitched as she cried a river.

It dawned on her how much affection she had for Fabian, a burning passion that could not be dowsed. The only thing Hannah could do at this point was to hold in all her feelings to the best of her ability. She had no idea how long the current state would last. How I wish this would go on forever.

After a long while, Fabian appeared on the sidewalk, treading along with heavy footsteps until he reached the steel gates of the villa, still slightly drunk. He saw that the lights in the living were lit and was delighted, thinking that Hannah was still waiting for him.

When Fabian stepped foot into the house, he heard the familiar yet irritating conversations from the television. She’s watching those again? Is she still up because of the drama or me? Then, he noticed Hannah was missing. Where’s she?

His gaze shifted around and found Hannah lying on the couch. She was already sound asleep.

The joy Fabian felt was no more while a sudden urge to pull Hannah up grew inside of him. The contrast between his expectation versus reality was too extreme, as it was between a loving wife waiting for him at home and a drama addict that fell asleep in front of the television.

Hmph! Fabian snorted softly to express his discontent before he gently took off his coat and approached Hannah.

Huh? Is she sick? Fabian noticed the balls of tissue on the floor when he got closer, so he bent down to place his lips on Hannah’s forehead. Hmm. It’s not hot though.

His hand moved towards her face and uncovered it from her hair, revealing the tear stains.

She cried?

Fabian was puzzled. I didn’t do anything to her though. Why did she end up like this?

He could not think of anything else that would have made Hannah cry like this besides him.

Other than the few times where Hannah cried because of Fabian, he had never actually seen her cry. No matter what difficulty she faced at work, Hannah would always face it head-on with a smile.

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