Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1112

The box flew across the sky and landed on the floor, rolling for a bit before it stopped.

Fabian proceeded to shut the window as he felt something indescribable within him, but he knew that this was what his heart wanted.

After that, he returned to Hannah’s room and burrowed into the blanket, embracing Hannah before shutting his eyes, satisfied.

When dawn came, Hannah was confused to see that she was in Fabian’s embrace. There was a hint of sadness on her face as she placed her right arm on Fabian’s waist to hold him in place for fear of him leaving her.

They were both indulging in each other’s embrace, enjoying the sweet taste of happiness, before a song rang out and ruined the moment.

Fabian’s eyes opened and blinked when he heard the music, dazed while Hannah tried to shut it out by burying herself under the blanket as she was annoyed by it. Eventually, she realized how futile her effort was, so she moved her hand around, looking for her phone with her eyes closed.

All of a sudden, she felt something warm and snapped out of it, uncovering the blanket to find her phone in Fabian’s hand. Hannah smiled awkwardly as she picked up her phone while avoiding Fabian’s hand.

Huh? Mom? Why is she calling? Hannah was curious. Oh well. Fabian is here, so I might as well ask him to explain it to her.

“Hello? Mom? There’s something I need to tell you,” she spoke after picking up. She took a deep breath, bracing herself since she decided to reveal her relationship with Fabian.

“Hannah, I have something to tell you too.” The voice from the other side of the phone sounded anxious like something serious had happened.

Huh? I doubt it’s as important as what I have to say, so I need to speak first before Fabian leaves.

Hannah turned towards Fabian and gave him a profound stare, telling him that it was her mother and that he needed to explain everything before he left.

“Mom, calm down. Let me go first, I…”

“Your father and I are not your biological parents, Hannah,” her mother interrupted with her helpless voice.

“What? Mom, you shouldn’t be joking around like that. Today’s not April Fools. Don’t say these sorts of things just because you want to talk first. I get it, okay? I’ll let you go first.”

Hannah was not concerned about what she just heard and shook her head. Ugh. It’s my fault for not visiting them after so long. Mom’s even using tricks like these now. Hannah and her mother were very close back then. They would oftentimes joke around with each other, so she did not take what her mother said too seriously

“Hannah, I’m serious. You… you were a baby that your father adopted. Your biological father has found us. He’s here right now.”

What she said was a bolt from the blue, catching Hannah off guard as her phone slipped out her hand and slammed onto the floor. Her eyes were wide open in disbelief.

Me? Adopted?

At the same time, Fabian’s heart ached when he heard their conversation. He looked at Hannah, who was stunned, and understood how distraught she must be. So, he tried to comfort her, “No matter who’s your parents are, you still have me. Let’s freshen up. We’ll head over to your house to see what’s going on.”

Compared to Hannah, Fabian was much more composed. Seeing that Hannah was not budging, he shifted forward. “Come on. You’ll have to face it sooner or later.”

This time, he did not wait for Hannah’s response as he pulled her out.

That’s right! It is inevitable… So me being like this is absolutely pointless. Hannah secretly accepted this fact no matter how reluctant she felt.

“Alright. I was just a bit stumped. I’m fine now.” It was the first time Fabian heard Hannah speak to him with such a monotonous voice and lifeless expression, but he figured it was because of the phone call.

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