Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1114

“Hannah! I’m your dad! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Thank the grace of the lord that led me to you…” The middle-aged man motioned to wipe his tears as he spoke, but his eyes were dry the entire time.

Fabian’s gaze turned cold as he looked at the man disdainfully. Oh Leo Blackwood, you really know how to put up an act, huh? You even did something as vile as abandoning a child. No wonder people describe you as an old fox.

Hannah was carefully examining the man in front of her. Everything he wore was branded, and he even had a watch on his wrist that definitely costed a fortune. On top of that, the way he spoke was a clear indication of him being a very experienced businessman.

There was no way Hannah would ever believe the bluff. “Oh? You’ve been looking for me? With your status, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard. Why did it take you so long?” she responded, feeling annoyed.

Hannah never really felt any liking towards the man since he was the reason she suddenly became an adopted child. To top it off, she was to call a stranger father, and Hannah was having none of it.

“I… I… I sent people to search for you, didn’t I? My business wasn’t doing so well a few years ago, so I was busy managing that. But of course, stabilizing my business was but a means to gain power so I could find you sooner,” the man explained uneasily after hearing Hannah’s doubt.

Wow. That’s a really lame explanation. Do you think I’m still a child who you can fool with that! Hannah never liked people like these. The ones that would not admit their mistakes and looked for excuses whenever they could. What’s the point?

“Just tell the truth that you didn’t look for me.” Hannah was ruthless. “There’s no point in making things up. Tell me, what problems are you facing right now?”

Having heard what she said, the man’s face froze. He was rendered speechless since this was his fault from the start.

Even though Gillian was not happy about it, she figured that the man was still Hannah’s father. So, she came forward, seeing that things were getting awkward, and tried to defuse the situation. “Hannah, Mr. Blackwood here was actually always looking for you, but it was only recently that he found a lead.”

So his name is Blackwood.

“Mom, you don’t have to help him explain himself. He knows what happened better than anyone else.” Hannah felt nothing but repulse for the man in front of her. She was certain that someone who would abandon their child would never be a good person.

Gillian got a bit mad after hearing what Hannah said. “What’s going on now! Do you not listen to me anymore?”

Her roar was exceptionally effective as it immediately silenced Hannah.

“Sorry about that, Mr. Blackwood. It’s my fault for not teaching her properly.”

“It’s fine. No problem at all,” Leo laughed as he spoke. It’s always good to have someone bail me out.

“Hmph! Even if I wasn’t taught properly, I’m still much better than someone out there. Am I right, Mom?” Hannah made sure to say as loud as possible to try and anger Leo Blackwood.

Gillian, however, did not know how to respond, but she suddenly noticed the man standing beside Hannah. “Um… Hannah? This man here… is your boyfriend?” Gillian asked quietly.

Boyfriend? We’re way beyond that. We’re married! But come to think of it, I never actually gave Mom a thorough run-through of the situation since Fabian promised he’d settle everything.

“Hmm… It’s better if I let him do the explaining,” Hannah said and shifted her gaze towards Fabian.

By then, Fabian was already well prepared to handle the situation that Hannah threw at him. Nevertheless, there were too many people present. He would be on the headline of the newspapers if people found out that he secretly got married. “It’s a long story, so I think we should talk about it some other day.”

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