Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1115

Fabian’s words made Hannah look towards Leo. He’s right. If this guy talked about it, I’d become a public enemy before tomorrow ended.

“Is that alright, Mom? Let’s talk about it next time.”

Out of nowhere, Leo’s phone rang. The sound was loud enough to cause the whole living room to go quiet. “Excuse me,” Leo said with a smile.

“Hello? Yes, I found her. There shouldn’t be any problem I think. Yes… I know… Alright, I’m at their place right now… That’s it for now.”

Leo hastily ended the call and looked towards Hannah with a bright smile on his face. “Hannah, please trust me. I really looked for you. I even have my own business now, so come work for your father instead! No point in working your ass off for someone else, am I right?”

Wow, Leo Blackwood. You’re something else. What now? The sentimental way didn’t work, so you’re trying to entice her with cash? I bet you don’t know Hannah. She’s not the kind of girl that gives a damn about money.

Meanwhile, Hannah was also infuriated by what Leo just said. She felt insulted, thinking that he was trying to bait her with money.

Hold it right there! Do I look like I need your money? What’s wrong with working for someone else? I’ll do it as long as I’m happy, and you can’t stop me. Besides, if I really wanted money, I’d have seduced Fabian a long time ago! He’s ten times richer than you!

“Father? I don’t have a father like you. Tell me, how did you lose me back then?” Hannah asked with an obviously insulting tone. She could not care less about being rude towards Leo as she shouted.

“You… you were very playful back then, and that was how you… you got lost! I couldn’t find you no matter how hard I tried. You don’t know how anxious I was back then. I was…” Leo was stuttering at first, but he managed to find a flow and stuck with it.

However, Hannah did not let him finish. “Me? Playful? How did you even come up with this explanation? You can ask my mother right now! I was so shy back then. I wouldn’t even talk to strangers normally, but you’re telling me I was playful? Just listen to the shit that just came out from your mouth! Are you kidding me? On top of that, as a loving father, shouldn’t you be looking after your young daughter at all times, especially when you’re outside. Now you’re telling me you’ve been searching for me all this time. How dare you!”

Leo’s expression immediately darkened after hearing what Hannah said. He was infuriated and pointed his finger at her.

“Hannah Young! You’ve gone too far! I’ll be honest, I actually felt really guilty back then, but there was nothing I could do. Whether you believe it or not, that’s up to you. But that’s not the point for me being here. I’m here today to tell you that your brother has leukaemia and needs a bone marrow donor. He’s only sixteen years old. Are you going to let him die? So be it! I’ve said all that I have to say. Everything’s in your hands now.”

Hannah was dumbfounded by his statement. I… I have a brother? And he has leukemia!

Silenced ensued as soon as Leo stopped talking, leaving only the sound of people breathing.

Leo saw that Hannah was speechless, so he also put himself down since it was for his one and only son.

“Hannah, I admit that it was my fault for what happened back then. I’m sorry. But even if you don’t want to recognize me as your father, please think about your brother. He’s only sixteen, Hannah. Please help him.”

At the moment, Hannah’s mind was in total disarray. She was lost and did not know what she should do. In front of a father like Leo, she had absolute determination. However, now that she knew she had a brother, things were different. She would not be able to face herself if she let him die.

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