Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1116

Gillian hesitated to speak as she did not know what she should say. Hannah was a grown woman now, so she should make these sorts of decisions herself.

On the other hand, Fabian stood quietly by Hannah’s side, waiting patiently for her to make a decision. No matter what it was, he was set on supporting her and protecting her.

In the end, Hannah made up her mind. She could not let her brother die, so she wanted to recognize them as her family and save him.

“Alright. I’ll do it. But I’m only doing this for my brother. Nothing else,” Hannah spoke with some lingering reluctance.

“Hannah, I knew you weren’t that merciless.” Leo was ecstatic to hear Hannah’s response. “Your brother is at the Southside Hospital. You two are brother and sister, so your bone marrow will definitely be compatible. Let’s go right now.”

“I’m fine with her donating her bone marrow, but we need to change hospitals!” Fabian finally said something after a while with a serious expression.

“Why? What if his condition worsened? Can you take responsibility if that happened?” Leo was irritated, thinking that Fabian was there to cause trouble. Why would he make this odd request if otherwise? Hannah’s already agreed.

“It would only take one day. There’s no way leukemia would worsen in such a short time. We have some medical knowledge, you know. Please don’t spout nonsense.” Fabian was never kind to people like this. If it were not for Hannah, Leo would be gone by now.

“Who do you think you are to butt into other people’s business?” Leo’s temper shot up. He was used to being high and mighty all the time, so being mocked by a youngster was too much for him. I know you’re Hannah’s boyfriend, but don’t assume you have a say in what’s going on. Hannah’s already agreed. Why would I care about you?

“Oh, sorry. I have forgotten to introduce myself. Fabian, Fabian Norton!” Fabian looked at Leo as he announced his identity.

As soon as Leo heard that, his jaw dropped, and he froze in place, speechless. No wonder Hannah didn’t accept my proposition earlier. She had a goldmine backing her up all along! Does this mean I’m Fabian Norton’s in-law now? That’s extremely beneficial to me!

Nonetheless, Leo gave it some more thought. Fabian Norton is infamous for ruining the lives of anyone that got in his way. The things I usually do are just party tricks compared to his.

Having said that, Leo desperately wanted his son to be safe, so he spoke out, “Mr. Norton, even if you’re the president of Norton Corporation, this is a family affair. So please don’t force yourself onto this issue.

“Oh?” Fabian responded as he looked towards Hannah.

When their eyes met, Hannah immediately understood what was going on. “I listen to him when it comes to things like this.”

That’s my girl! She could read me well.

Fabian’s lips curled in an insulting manner, “So, what now, Mr. Blackwood?”

Leo was agitated, but he needed Hannah to save his son, so he backed down. “Alright. Okay. Which hospital do you have in mind? I’ll make the arrangements.”

“The only private hospital available, Mercy Hospital,” answered calmly.

“Mercy Hospital? Mr. Norton, we’ll only be waiting in line if we went to that hospital. It takes a week, even if I found a way to cut the queue! Isn’t this just putting my son’s life in danger?”

Hannah also got worried after hearing what Leo said. Oh no. Is he trying to stop me from donating my bone marrow by transferring my brother to another hospital? I’d hate you forever if you do that!

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