Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1117

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Fabian said confidently. “All you need to do is bring the brother there. I’ll handle the rest.”

With his assurance, Hannah felt relieved as there was no need to worry after hearing that from Fabian.

“Alright then. I’ll go take care of the discharge procedures.” Leo spoke hastily and hurried away, not wanting to waste a single second.

Fabian followed behind and got out to make a call. “Hello? Mr. Lake? Yes, it’s me… There will be a leukemia patient transferring over to your hospital. He’ll be using my name. So please help me make the arrangements for his stay there. Thank you.”

Fabian ended the call and saw Hannah and her mother talking from the door. Their eyes were both wet with tears. Oh well, problems just keep on coming for this woman.

Not long after, Hannah got up. She was worried about the brother that she had never seen, so she said goodbye to Gillian and dragged Fabian to the hospital.

Along the way, her blank stare never shifted away from the window. She was like a statue, frozen in time.

“If you have anything to say, just say it. You’ll feel better.” Fabian was worried about Hannah.

Eventually, Hannah snapped out of it and held in her tears. “Ha! What kind of a father is he? That was some fatherly love he showed back there. I didn’t want it at all! I’m doing all this for my brother!”

Fabian proceeded to pull Hannah closer with one arm and softly stroked her hair with the other.

Hannah did not resist, continuing to vent her frustration at him.

“My life was fine until he comes along and ruins everything. Biological father my a**! He left me to rot back then and appears again after twenty years! I thought he wanted to redeem himself, but it turns out he’s only here because of his son! He only needed me to save my own brother from leukemia! He even insulted me with money! Do I really look like someone who loves money! How could he be so ridiculous!”

Seeing Hannah complaining like that made Fabian feel like laughing. It was the first time he saw her acting like this.

Nonetheless, Fabian held it in and listened quietly. He knew that Hannah was a really sentimental person, so Leo’s indifference must have disgusted her.

Soon after, they arrived at Mercy Hospital. Someone immediately approached them as soon as they got out of the car. It was the man that Hannah detested, Leo Blackwood.

“Mr. Norton, thank you so much for what you did. I’ll be honest, we initially wanted to bring him here, but we couldn’t get in the queue in time, so we sent him to Southside.” Leo’s tone this time was more polite as he was trying to befriend Fabian. After all, chances like these were hard to come by.

Fabian gave him a slight nod as a response.

“Where is my brother?” Hannah got really annoyed from seeing Leo.

“Follow me,” Leo answered calmly.

The two of them went on to follow Leo until they reached a VIP ward. As soon as they went in, they could see two people at the bedside.

Huh? Is the one on the right my mother? Who’s that on the left, then? Did my mother have three kids? Does that mean I have a sister as well?

Right then, Leo walked forward and point to the woman on the right. “This is your mother.”

“Hello, Hannah,” the woman greeted with a smile on her face.

“Hi.” Hannah was confused as she did not know how to address her so-called biological mother. In the end, she gave up.

“And this is your older sister, Lyna,” Leo introduced as he pointed towards the lady on the left.

“Hi, I’m Lyna.” Lyna’s gaze was locked onto Fabian as she said that, brimming with lust.

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