Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1119

“I don’t think that’s necessary. I have other matters to attend to,” Fabian declined Lyna’s offer and looked towards Hannah, clearly worried about her.

Lyna was caught off guard by his refusal since the Fabian Norton that she knew back then never rejected her like that. What’s going on?

Seeing the way Fabian looked at Hannah, it dawned on Lyna.

Is he rejecting me because of her? What other matters? Is he having lunch with her? She looked towards Hannah menacingly.

How did you manage to appear out of nowhere and spoil two of my plans? First, you’re saving that dying brat, Winson. Now, you’re thinking of getting together with Fabian? No way! Don’t be too full of yourself! You’re just an abandoned kid from the Blackwood family. You have no right to meddle with my man. Fabian Norton is mine!

Even with that in mind, Lyna kept her cool. “Alright then, Mr. Norton. I respect your decision. Maybe we can do that some other time when you’re free.”

She was certain that Fabian was not dining with her in his current condition, so it was better for her to ask him next time than insisting.

“Sure. I’ll be off then,” Fabian answered nonchalantly before he dragged Hannah away with him.

At that moment, Lyna looked towards their backs with narrowed eyes, her expression dark and sinister. What did this woman feed him to make him value her so much? Wait, I need to think of something fast. If this goes on, Fabian will be stolen away!

“Why did you pull me out of there? I wanted to stay by my brother’s side.” Hannah questioned as soon as they got out of the ward, flinging Fabian’s hand off hers.

“If you want to go through the surgery tomorrow, you come home with me.” Fabian was also irritated.

You ungrateful dumb woman! I’m worried about your health condition. I want you to rest! Why are you complaining?

On the other hand, even though Hannah knew Fabian meant well. The way he said it still irked her. Can’t you talk to me in a gentler way? Why do you have to be so forceful all the time?

But she gave in briefly after. After all, Fabian was the one who got the surgeon. “Alright, let’s go. But I have work in the afternoon since I only took half a day’s leave.”

“No need. I’ll help you apply for a one week leave.”

“What? A week? Is that even necessary? I’m not some princess with a weak constitution. Isn’t that too much? Besides, the company only allows employees a maximum of twenty days’ worth of leaves. I won’t be able to apply for more if you do that! What happens if there’s an emergency?”

Hannah got really antsy as she spoke. According to the company policy, if anyone takes more than twenty days’ worth of leave, they’ll be fired! I can’t have that! This is my only source of income!

“I’ll ask the driver to send you home.” Fabian did not answer her and walked straight out of the hospital, leaving Hannah there stamping her foot on the floor, enraged, before she followed suit.

“Hello? Is this Mr. Lake?” Lyna was on the phone. “Yes, it’s me. I need your help. I hope you don’t refuse. You’ll reap some benefits too. Alright, let’s meet up later.” Her lips curled as she wore a sinister look on her face.

Meanwhile, Fabian had asked the driver to send Hannah home while he left for the company. As soon as he got there, he went to the receptionist and asked, “Is the person here?

“Yes, Mr. Norton. He’s waiting for you in your office.”

Hearing that, Fabian nodded and hurried off.

“Dr. Warren.” He greeted the man sitting on the sofa when he got into his office.

The man immediately shot up and approached Fabian, holding out his right hand, giving him a handshake. “It’s been a while, Fabian. What has happened for you to call me on such short notice?”

This man was Walter Warren. He knew Fabian’s father a long time ago. Walter had lost his father to an accident at a construction site when he was in university. He lost all support and could not make ends meet, let alone pay for his fees. It was Fabian’s father who supported him through it all with what little money he had.

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