Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1122

“Good. I like dealing with people who are as motivated as you are. Tomorrow, I’ll arrange for him to enter the operating theatre. Furthermore, I want him to inject both persons undergoing the operation with this amount of anaesthetic,” Lyna plainly remarked as she took out two small bottles and placed them on the table.

The person sitting opposite her squinted his eyes as he stared at the two bottles of anaesthetic, which obviously were enough to kill two people. Nevertheless, he had always been living dangerously above the law and wasn’t a stranger to the business of killing and stealing.

“I’ll send you the time and location tonight. When the time comes, just get your man to contact me.” Lyna continued, “Alright, that’s all I have and you can go now. On your way out, keep a low profile so that no one knows that we have met.”

The man nodded as he left with the two bottles Lyna gave him.

Picking up the teacup from the table and taking a sip, Lyna mumbled, “Winson, don’t blame me for being cruel. You should blame your own bad luck to have been born in the wrong place. As for you, Hannah, this is your own fault for appearing at the wrong time. So don’t think badly of me for doing this.”

Meanwhile, Hannah arrived home to the delicious aroma of bone broth. The maid had prepared it on Fabian’s instructions.

I have never expected Fabian to be so attentive. From the smell alone, I can tell that soup is definitely delicious.

When she entered the kitchen, she was shocked to see a giant pot filled with bone broth. It goes without saying that Fabian isn’t going to drink this oily soup. Does that mean that I will have to finish it by myself? Isn’t that going to kill me?

Suddenly, when Hannah recalled herself puking from drinking too much chicken soup, she had the urge to cry for help.

Before she knew it, the maid brought over a huge bowl of bone broth and placed it in front of her. “Madam, the soup is ready. You should drink it while it’s hot.”

Letting out a long sigh, Hannah looked as if she was faced with death as she received the bowl from the maid. “Amelia, you should have some too.”

Hannah sighed to herself and wondered how long she needed to finish such a huge bowl of soup. As Fabian had not returned home, she enlisted Amelia’s help to finish some for her.

“I don’t think so. Mr. Norton told me that you are going for an operation and therefore need to drink it to keep you strong. Since I’m not the one going for it, there’s no need for me to drink. Hence, it’s better I save them for you.”

Amelia’s eyes were filled with concern. After all, she had worked in the Norton household for more than a year now and Hannah had always treated her well. She would always consider Amelia’s interests from all aspects. Even when Hannah went on holiday, she would also get a souvenir for Amelia. When she went grocery shopping and bumped into other maids working in the neighborhood, she would always hear them complaining about their employers.

Just a few days ago, something came up and she needed to return to her hometown. After informing Hannah, she bought her a high-speed rail ticket home and gave her the week off. Cognizant that it was rare to find an employer like Hannah, she consequently treated Hannah as if she was her own daughter.

“Amelia, don’t say that. Please help yourself to some. There’s no way I can finish all of it alone. Besides, I don’t really have much appetite now. Go fill a bowl for yourself and drink with me.” Hannah agonized over Amelia’s earnest response. Please don’t think that way, I still need you to help share my burden.

“Alright then.”

Under Hannah’s encouragement, Amelia finished three bowls and so did Hannah. Only when she saw Hannah not able to drink anymore did she give it a rest. “Why don’t you take a break. I’ll heat up more for you a short while later.”

Hannah almost burst into tears. I really can’t drink anymore. Why does this always happen every time I go to the hospital? The first time was chicken soup and now bone broth? What will be next? Bone broth mixed with chicken soup?

Crack! The room door opened. Before Hannah could even turn to see who it was, she heard Amelia. “Mr. Norton is home.”

Fabian walked straight into the kitchen and saw that half the pot of bone broth had been finished. Consequently, he gave Hannah a satisfied look and felt that she had learned her lesson from the last time. Hannah then wondered how Fabian would react if he found out that she had gotten Amelia to finish half of it for her.

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