Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1124

“Felicia! It must be Felicia! She abandoned me and forced my mom to commit suicide. She must have done all that for the sake of Leo’s assets. Therefore, she has to be the one trying to harm my brother,” Hannah ranted in frustration.

She felt that Felicia was insidious to have done all that for the sake of money. Furthermore, she was sure Felicia had something to do with her mom’s death. Moreover, if Hannah hadn’t been found by her adopted parents, she would likely have been dead too. You really are vicious for trying to take two lives because of your greed.

“That’s not necessarily the case. I have investigated Leo’s company too. Although he has the largest share in the company, it is still less than fifty percent. If your brother dies, leaving Leo without a male heir, the board of directors will propose to confiscate part of your dad’s shares. Therefore, there may be others out to harm your brother.”

Compared to Hannah, Fabian was a lot calmer when he analyzed the situation to her.

Hannah agreed with Fabian’s assessment. Given how valuable the shares were, it was hard to believe that the Blackwood family wasn’t interested in it.

“In that case, who do you think wants to harm my brother?” Hannah asked Fabian curiously.

“I don’t have an answer to that yet. But what I’m sure that person is someone from the Blackwood family,” Fabian asserted with conviction.

“Why? Can’t it be one of Leo’s commercial enemies? If my brother dies, a big portion of Leo’s assets will be taken away. Isn’t that what they want?” Hannah asked again.

“You are overthinking it. In the business world, this is considered taboo. Once someone finds out about it, no one would want to work with them anymore,” Fabian explained.

“Hmm? Don’t you do the same with your enemies all the time? Why can’t others do it?”

“Although my methods are harsh, how can you even mention them in the same breath as schemes hatched in the shadows?” Fabian was upset at Hannah’s question as it implied that he was no different from them.

“Oh, don’t be angry. I’m only asking because I don’t understand,” Hannah quickly pacified him when she saw his expression drastically change.

“What I’m worried about now is your operation tomorrow. I’m afraid they might continue their attempts to sabotage. However, I’ve already taken measures to guard against them. Therefore, we shouldn’t face any problems,” Fabian promptly explained.

“Mmm-hmm. I’m not afraid of them. Isn’t it just as you said? No matter what happens, I still have you.” Just as she spoke, Hannah moved over and pushed Fabian downwards.

As Fabian was spacing out thinking about the operation tomorrow, he was caught off guard and fell towards the sofa with Hannah on top of him. Hannah quickly sprang up and shook her head before murmuring with a smile, “Hmm, looks like even you are not dependable given how easily you have fallen.”

With his interest suddenly aroused, Fabian broke into a smile as he reached out to her.

Grabbing onto her, he gave Hannah a tug and pulled her into his embrace.

His other hand felt her butt and gave it a squeeze.

Panicking at his advances, Hannah struggled for her dear life but wasn’t able to free herself from his strong grasp. She yelled aloud, “Fabian, let go of me! What are you doing?”

Hannah instantly regretted her actions. All she wanted to do was to cheer him up because she had angered him. Instead, her attempts at teasing him had landed her in the lion’s den.

“What am I doing? Didn’t you say that I’m unreliable because I fall too easily? Now, I’m going to prove myself by letting you have a taste of my rock-solid manhood!” Fabian smiled in a cheeky manner, sending a chill down Hannah’s spine.

I am done for this time. Why did I start this joke with him in the first place?

Hannah pleaded, “Fabian, I surrender, so please let me go. I still need to go for the operation tomorrow.”

Fabian was obviously aware of that and he was just teasing Hannah on purpose. Nevertheless, his hand never stopped caressing anywhere it wanted. At the same time, his lips had met her neck, varying the intensity of his kisses as he moved around.

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