Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1128

“This is too much! The Blackwood family are really heartless to leave Winson here without anyone to care for him,” Hannah grumbled indignantly.

Just as she spoke, she hurried ahead and sat by Winson’s side. Stroking his child-like cheeks, she mumbled to herself, “You have suffered a lot. I can’t imagine how you survived over the years living with such an insidious family.”

Hannah lamented the fact that there were many members of the Blackwood family who wanted to harm Winson. In fact, they couldn’t wait for him to be taken by his disease. If not for the fact that Winson was still important to Leo, he would likely have been disposed of long ago by one of their schemes.

Stroking Winson with her slender hands, Hannah’s eyes reddened as she looked at her feeble brother.

“Don’t worry, you have me by your side. Winson will be alright,” Fabian reassured Hannah when he saw her eyes tearing.

Nodding at Fabian, she continued to watch over Winson silently.

It was a long while before Fabian finally broke the silence in the ward. “It’s getting late, so let’s go get dinner. Don’t worry, Winson will recover gradually from tomorrow onwards.”

Hannah looked at the sleeping Winson and murmured, “Rest well, Winson. I will be transplanting my bone marrow to you tomorrow and you will be well in no time.”

After that, Hannah called for the nurse and instructed her to help care for Winson. Feeling insecure, she took out a wad of cash and stuffed it into the nurse’s hand before leaving.

She still couldn’t believe that the first time she met her biological brother was when he was on the brink of death. Luckily, she appeared in the nick of time. Or else…

“Don’t worry too much. He will be fine,” Fabian comforted softly, as he pulled Hannah into his embrace.

Suddenly, Hannah burst out in tears. When she felt the warmth of his chest, she couldn’t help but bury herself deeper into his arms.

“Mom, don’t worry. I have made the necessary arrangements. My plan is full proof and no one will ever know,” Lyna reassured Felicia in the Blackwood Residence.

However, Felicia voiced her niggling concerns, “Fabian is someone meticulous. I’m worried this time…”

Lyna interrupted Felicia, “Mom, you are worrying unnecessarily. There’s no way he will know that it was me.”

Felicia let out a long sigh before commenting solemnly, “Lynnie, I have been embroiled in schemes for most of my life and am finally tired of them. Isn’t everything wonderful now? We are already living a life of luxury. What’s the point of fighting for more?”

Lyna replied, “Alright mom. I promise you that I’ll stop after this. I just can’t stand and watch as such a valuable amount of shares fall into the hands of a clueless kid. Furthermore, if my plan succeeds, I may have the opportunity to marry Fabian. Wouldn’t our future be even brighter then?”

Felicia shook her head and explained, “Don’t oversimplify the matter. Marrying into the Norton family may not necessarily be a good thing so don’t force yourself into it. You might even end up hurting yourself instead.”

“Don’t worry Mom, I know what I’m doing. But, I still need your help tomorrow to delay Dad’s movements. All he wants is to pass on his assets to his son and has never considered my feelings at all. And now, he has even brought in another competitor, Hannah, just for the sake of saving Winson. Unless we dispose of them both, our future will never be secured.”

Felicia nodded in agreement. After that, both of them discussed their plan in detail before retiring.

“Come, have more ribs.” Fabian piled more food onto Hannah’s plate.

As Hannah was going for the operation tomorrow, Amelia had prepared a plethora of nutritious dishes as instructed by Fabian.

After dinner, Fabian got Hannah to rest early. Left without a choice, Hannah walked into the bathroom and washed up before going to bed.

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