Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1129

As for Fabian, he was lying on the sofa watching the evening news. It was a habit of his and the source of many of his business ideas.

After a while, Hannah came out of the bathroom with her hair let down on her shoulders. She was wearing a conservative-looking two-piece pajamas that failed to hide her sensuous figure. Despite not having any makeup on, her skin looked flawless and glowed under the light. Her cheeks were still pinkish having just come out from the shower.

“I’m done bathing. It’s your turn now,” Hannah informed Fabian as she dried her hair.

With his eyes filled with desire, Fabian stood up when he heard her. What a tease she is. Despite the ordinary outfit, she still looks perfect in it. If not for her having to undergo the operation tomorrow… tonight… hehe.

Hannah felt a little panic when she saw how Fabian was staring at her. Clearing her throat, she remarked, “I’m going to blow dry my hair.”

With that, she scampered away like a scared rabbit.

Collecting himself, Fabian entered the bathroom.

By the time he came out, Hannah had her hair all bunned up. Lying on the sofa, her gaze was raised slightly at the television, letting out the occasional laugh.

As Fabian approached her, he instructed, “Go to bed.”

He uttered those words in an intimidating manner, leaving no room for dissent.

Why does he have to look so cold all the time? Can’t he just smile at me more often? Holding that thought, Hannah prepared to turn off the television with the remote in her hand.

“Don’t turn it off yet as I still want to watch the news.” Fabian took the remote out of her hands.

Hannah was jolted when she clearly felt his fingertips brush across her palm slowly.

Just like a startled rabbit, she sprang up in panic and fled to her bedroom.

However, Fabian didn’t notice what was different with her. Instead, he was simply puzzled by her reaction.

As the dim moonlight shone into the room, Hannah lay in bed with her eyes closed. Unable to sleep, she tossed and turned around restlessly. How does he expect me to sleep so early?

Just when she was grumbling to herself, she heard a crack as the bedroom door opened. Caught by surprise, she shut her eyes tightly and pretended to be asleep.

Fabian’s footsteps were light. He crept toward the window to close the curtains before getting into bed with her.

However, the nightlight was left on as it was Hannah’s long-standing habit to do so.

Underneath the dim light, Fabian lightly caressed her face. With her beautiful eyebrows, flawless skin, and slightly opened cherry-shaped mouth, she looked irresistible to him.

Lowering his head slightly, he leaned in towards her lips and kissed her. After that, he wrapped his hands around her and hugged her.

Hannah was suddenly shaken. Can it be that he wants it? Didn’t he already promise me? Is he going back on his word?

When Fabian didn’t do anything else for a long time, Hannah finally let out a sigh of relief. Thank God.

After that, she synchronized her breathing with Fabian and gradually fell asleep.

Unable to sleep well with something on her mind, Hannah woke up at daybreak. She climbed out of bed after gently moving Fabian’s hand away.

Fabian was up moments after her. When both of them finished breakfast, they headed out to the hospital.

“Hello, Dr. Warren, I’ve sent someone to pick you up. You can come down now.”

“Hello, Dr. York, it’s me. Right… right, I’ll be there at once.”

Given the number of calls Fabian was making from the car, it was obvious how important the operation was to him. Hannah felt her heart warm when he listened to him making all the arrangements.

Before long, the car arrived at the hospital entrance. The moment Fabian and Hannah got out, they were quickly surrounded and brought upstairs.

“Fabian, I have no problems at my end. Yesterday, I contacted my student, Dr. Donald Welch, to assist me in the operation. He is someone experienced and with him around, the operation will likely go on without a hitch,” Walter explained.

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