Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1131

As Fabian gradually straightened his sleeves, he sneered, “Take him away.”

He let out a sigh of relief after capturing the man. At least, he no longer needed to worry about Hannah and Winson’s safety.

After waiting for a few more minutes at the entrance of the operating theatre, he went to see the saboteur.

In the hospital’s basement, the saboteur was bound tightly to a chair with a group of men surrounding him on all sides. The mysterious man who informed Fabian of the plot was also present. As the door was gently pushed open, everyone stepped aside to make way for Fabian.

Fabian looked at the mysterious man and asked, “Do you recognize him?”

The man shook his head. “The black market has its rules. The different factions will never expose the identities of their men.”

Fabian shot the mysterious man a glance before reminding him, “Remember to keep him alive.”

Just as he spoke, Fabian sat down on a chair behind him.

“Speak! Which faction do you belong to?” The mysterious smashed his leg into the saboteur’s stomach, causing him to spew a mouthful of blood.

“Still holding out I see. I’m sure you know how things work in the black market, so don’t force me,” the mysterious man threatened with a cold expression and glistening eyes.

“Fine, bring me a blade and a black cloth.” A devilish grin appeared on the mysterious man’s face. “I’ll let you experience something new.”

A burly man passed him a blade while another man covered the saboteur’s eyes with the black cloth.

The mysterious man made a cut on the fingertip of the saboteur, which allowed fresh blood to drip onto the ground with a constant rhythm.

“Listen to the beautiful music it is making,” the mysterious man remarked with a smile.

“If he still refuses to speak, hand him over to the police once he’s dead,” Fabian snapped, shaking his head.

He obviously recognized what the method was. It was used during the second world war for interrogation purposes. Anyone who resisted would slowly bleed to a horrible death.

After leaving the basement, Fabian returned to the operating theatre to wait for the operation to be completed.

After a long time, Walter finally emerged. Removing his mask, he reported with a smile, “The operation is a resounding success. All the leukemia patient needs now is rest and he will be able to fully recover.”

Fabian was relieved to hear the news as he was worried that the operation would not be successful since there was a ten percent chance of it occurring.

“Dr. Warren, I cannot thank you enough. To be honest, that woman is someone I plan to marry. If anything were to happen to her, I would simply be lost.”

After much consideration, Fabian decided to tell Walter the truth. After all, he had put a lot of effort into it and hence Fabian felt he owed Walter an explanation. Besides, at the rate they were going, the wedding would happen sooner or later. Hence, it was just a matter of giving Walter advance notice.

“Oh, I see. And yet I was wondering why you were so concerned. Anyway, the lady seems to be a wonderful person. So, don’t forget to invite me to your wedding,” Walter replied with a smile when he finally understood why.

“I definitely will,” Fabian promised in delight.

“By the way, did you manage to get that guy? He was a slippery one. But I was lucky to have noticed his actions early enough. Or else, the consequences would definitely be dire,” Walter asked when he suddenly remembered about the anesthesiologist.

“We managed to catch him and are interrogating him now. Obviously, we are in your debt for what you have done. After Hannah recovers, I will definitely visit you with her to give our thanks.”

When a plot had been uncovered, there would definitely be winners and losers.

In the living hall of the Blackwood Residence, Lyna’s expression changed drastically when she received the news. “What? What did you say? He was caught? Did he manage to do it? Good! I understand. Don’t contact me over the next few days. I’ll call you if there’s anything.”

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